YAHAHA launches a pioneer program to democratize the creation of 3D content

Launch of the Early Adopters program for a new user-generated content entertainment social platform

YAHAHA was founded in 2020 by a team of Unity veterans, to provide a new kind of social entertainment platform, which gives users the ability to create and play in their own virtual worlds. Based in Finland, the company has a team of almost 100 people and, in January 2022, secured a $50 million investment to “democratize 3D content creation”.

YAHAHA is now inviting creators of all kinds to be part of its first exclusive Insider Group, ahead of its March 2022 alpha launch in North America and Europe.

These pioneers will contribute to the continued development of YAHAHA, testing the platform and creating their own virtual community. To register, join the platform Discord Channel and secure a unique YAHAHA username and join the exclusive group.

YAHAHA takes a “no-code” approach to its 3D content creation and aims to create an inclusive community for professional developers and gamers.

What is YAHAHA

YAHAHA is a new user-generated content (UGC) social platform, where creators and gamers will come together to combine virtual and real-world experiences.

YAHAHA is a world that will be created by users, for users. A 3D virtual landscape where friends can come together to create, share, collaborate and play.

Ushering in the next generation of social entertainment, YAHAHA unifies the experiences of creators and gamers. By joining the first exclusive Insider Group, users can secure their own personalized username and be the first to test YAHAHA. Anyone with a creative mind can become a digital pioneer, building this new virtual frontier.

Once in YAHAHA, everyone will be able to test the platform, creating a universe of fun social experiences and paving the way for future players. Users can hang out, explore social environments, play games, or dive into simple, fun, and free tools to design something of their own. Whether you’re a gamer who wants to build your own world or a hobbyist who loves to create, you can help build the YAHAHA of the future.

What users can expect from YAHAHA

Like TikTok did for video creation, YAHAHA is on a mission to democratize 3D content creation – making it accessible to every creative person. With an interactive studio tool, free templates, samples and templates available, tutorials, and peer-to-peer feedback, it’s easy to unleash your creativity. From giving creators the freedom to distribute content to giving users the ability to hang out with friends in new and exciting worlds created by other players, YAHAHA has it all. If you build it, they can play it. The only limit is your imagination.


The initial focus will be on Europe, but later this year the product will be available worldwide via an official release.

The YAHAHA platform contains several key components:


A 3D authoring tool where users can create content, games, and worlds using existing assets from the YAHAHA Asset Library with little or no coding experience. Several gameplay components will be provided to help new creators realize their vision.

The goal is to make it as easy as drag and drop, or use templates to create something new. YAHAHA is here to support and guide users through the learning curve. Creators are supported with clear tutorials, quick feedback, and constant iteration, helping complete beginners create games, content, and environments.

For those interested in coding, Lua scripts will be provided later to allow creators to better customize the gaming experience.

After creating content, users will be able to save and publish it. This will send their creation to the cross-platform YAHAHA app which will be available for mobile and PC.


YAHAHA is free to use on mobile and PC. Within the mobile and PC app, users can come together across multiple platforms to discover and enjoy YAHAHA’s virtual social experiences. This will include digital worlds and user-created games as well as existing YAHAHA content, as well as relaxing social spaces, with a variety of control schemes available.

In the PC application, in addition to socializing, creators can also use the Studio tool to create content, manage their creations, and publish any games or environments they have created. Once the content is released, YAHAHA users around the world can play and enjoy it. In the future, a monetization model will be added.

YAHAHA will also introduce other elements this year, such as personalized avatars: users will be able to create their own digital avatar.

Be part of YAHAHA now!

YAHAHA opens its Early Access program in March 2022, for interested developers and creators to become virtual trailblazers.

They will be able to test the platform, give their opinion and play an essential role in the creation of this new virtual world. Staggered content releases will also take place throughout 2022, unlocking more and more exciting features.

Creators can visit the company’s site Discord Channel to get a unique YAHAHA username and join the exclusive insider group right now.

Keep your eyes peeled for more on the YAHAHA UGC social platform.

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Jenny T. Curlee