Visme content creation platform enhances hybrid workplace collaboration with new integration


Visme Integration

Visme, the all-in-one platform for users to design, collaborate, store and share beautiful visual content has launched an integration with

ROCKVILLE, MD, USA, October 5, 2022 / — Vismthe all-in-one business platform enabling more than 16 million users worldwide to design, collaborate, store and share beautiful visual content launched an integration with, the flexible platform where organizations can create workflow to manage everything they need.

With this integration, users can install a Visme workspace directly into their Monday boards and documents, allowing them to create visual projects collaboratively with team members. Any changes made to a Visme project embedded in a Monday workspace will be updated in Visme. Likewise, any changes made to an integrated project from the Visme dashboard will be reflected in the Monday workspace – so nothing is lost in translation.

For businesses, this means teams save countless hours switching between applications. Previously, it was necessary to log in to the Visme dashboard, find and upload your projects, and then upload them to the Monday workspace for tracking and collaboration. This application integration circumvents this drawback and allows users to seamlessly connect their two accounts, allowing companies to conduct projects and execute strategic design concepts in one place.

“The utility of this integration is especially valuable in the increasingly remote corporate world, allowing team members from all time zones to continue collaborating on projects as if they were in the same office,” Visme CEO and Founder Payman Taei said of the update. With so many tools designed to facilitate this type of productivity, the ability to make them work together, minimizing the need for back and forth, is what really makes a difference to a business.

In today’s remote and hybrid work environment, it’s essential that companies provide their teams with tools that support collaboration, communication and productivity. Unfortunately, this well-intentioned tactic can often contribute to tool overload, leaving employees feeling overwhelmed. The integration between Visme and solves this app fatigue, seamlessly combining the two for collaboration on a single platform, giving teams all the flexibility they need when working remotely.

This integration is accessible from both the app marketplace and the Visme dashboard. Learn more about integration here.

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