Vectary 3D design plugin designed to transform the future of content design


3D design has long been viewed as a niche skill, specific to designers and engineers in a narrow range of industries. However, that is about to change. The latest Vectary plugin for Figma makes 3D content design more accessible for 2D designers to improve their skills.

According to a study by Burning Glass Technologies, demand for 3D graphics has grown 42% faster than the design market as a whole. This growth is encouraged by the demand for real-time 3D skills, which has been a technical catalyst in terms of 3D design and its evolution in the media landscape.

Vectary, a 3D content design platform, recently made a significant update to the 3D Elements plugin in Figma, giving easy access to 4 million users, mostly 2D designers, the ability to create and edit models and 3D models directly in Figma.

“Figma’s innovative approach to design and community, with particular reference to their plugin integration, aligns perfectly with our mission to advance the transformation of the 3D web. Ultimately, to make 3D design more accessible, it’s critical that we connect with designers in the design systems that are part of their daily workflow. Vectary CEO Michal Koor said.

Updates allow UI, product, and website designers to control and customize their 3D models from within the 2D design environment. It also gives them the freedom to modify individual components, all without having to download any software. Product designers, for example, can easily create multiple mockups for the packaging samples by simply replacing the 2D illustrations on the 3D model.

“We are seeing that 3D content is becoming a standard part of the digital ecosystem. We’re working to make creating 3D content accessible to the average creator. That’s why we’ve built a completely web-based platform. says Michal Koor, CEO of Vectary.

Originally launched in December 2019, the Vectary plugin for Figma provided a very unique opportunity for creators working with traditional 2D illustrations to diversify and extend their skills using 3D design. After expanding the model library and functionality, the plugin, renamed Vectary 3D Elements, has been downloaded over 170,000 times by the creators of Figma.


Founded in 2014 by Michal Koor (CEO) and Pavol Sovis (CTO), Vectary is a design platform that aims to make the creation of 3D content accessible to everyone. It is the only browser-based platform that enables the creation of 3D design content and augmented reality (AR) experiences that can be shared across the web and most mobile devices. The Vectary for Business team also offers tailor-made 3D and AR solutions, adapted to brands and agencies.

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