Toronto gets one-of-a-kind content creation hub


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There is no doubt that the retail and entertainment industries are in dire need of high-quality, creative content to drive retail sales or build visual assets. Given the importance of the Canadian presence in the film, music and retail industries, some companies are continually developing new proposals and services that would allow Canadian brands to further strengthen their positioning by offering visuals and quality content in this highly competitive landscape.

One of these companies is OriginalLuxury Inc, an official distributor of high-end European fashion clothing and accessories that began operations in 2018. It was able to transform during the COVID-19 drama into a robust e-commerce retailer in unison with its powerful subsidiary content creation Stylephotos Canada. By working with the largest Canadian retailers, Stylephotos Canada has been able to grow its client portfolio and expertise in creating e-commerce content, saving national brands and even small retailers time and money. money when creating consistent content for their respective websites. A logical consequence of this success is a direct transition to a more service offering, particularly in the direction of film and commercial production, both of which are experiencing a significant and constant increase in demand. The future of content creation depends on new technological advances that will make this process more efficient, consistent and above all accessible to customers.

In our recent conversations with OriginalLuxury management, we discovered that the company hasn’t stopped revolutionizing the content creation aspect of their business, but instead has made the decision to take a bold step forward by creating a one-of-a-kind content creation. power station here in Toronto. OriginalLuxury Inc. has reached an agreement with a strategic investor for its content creation arm – Stylephotos Canada, to create one of the largest LED studios in North America over the next six to eight months. Located in Toronto, this studio will be equipped with the latest technological advances in software and hardware from one of the leading integrators based outside Europe. Measuring 160 by 5 meters in size, the professionally equipped upscale studio will cater to online retailers as well as those looking to rent space for movie production, talk shows, music videos and other activities. Currently, OriginalLuxury is finalizing property selection and final equipment specifications with manufacturers.

This is truly a great opportunity for the province and our country to stay focused on leading the content creation revolution that is happening in virtually every industry. With the recent changes that Youtube has introduced in the way ads will be served, it makes sense that the demand for high quality creative content only exceeds the supply currently available in the market. We are proud of our fellow Canadian partners at OriginalLuxury Inc. for taking the risk of pushing the boundaries of content creation while bringing the latest technological innovations to our country.

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