Top 5 Content Creation Hacks That Convert Readers To Buyers


One of the most useful tools in marketing is content creation. If you are looking to increase traffic to your web page, content creation is the first thing to consider. Not only does this build trust in your brand, but it also builds brand awareness and helps your SEO practices.


Writing content creates leads for new clients and establishes your expertise in your field. Here are five of the most important content creation tips that help you convert readers to buyers.

Search for very interesting topics

Your first goal is to find out what customers want. It’s a simple rule that brings more traffic to your website and hence helps you get higher conversion rates. Make a list of the most popular topics you could write about – use tools like Google analytics to analyze keywords and ensure the value of your content. On top of that, check out these next rules. They could be of great help to you.

– Your big title must be interesting. If your customers are bored with the topic, they won’t click on it.
– Your article introduction should be well documented and captivating. Again, boring means failing.
– The body part of your essay should discuss all of the points mentioned in the introduction.
– Your blog must have a specific style. Find yours before someone else adopts it.

do not forget to conclude your article in a proper and elegant manner and have a call-to-action button that compels readers to click on it.

Scannable content is important

We live in a busy society, so not many people will have the time to read your entire article. If your content is scannable, that means it is easily readable. So how do you get there?

– Include many bullet points and underline where highlight what is important.
– Use numbered lists, if necessary. They are easily readable.
– Replace long sentences with short, concise sentences. Use as much active voice sentences that you can (less passive voice, to be clearer).
– Include images and / or videos. Content creation works even better when paired with video content or infographics.

Find your area of ​​expertise

How can you write about a topic without knowing anything about it? Ultimately, content creation is all about deepening your area of ​​expertise and engaging with your audience in original ways. Instead of writing on the base hypotheses about what your audience likes, write based on what you know they like.

The first step is to understand who is your target audience and what they want. This means, dividing your audience into segments based on demographics, preferences, or gender, and sending them personalized content to enjoy it. It is not recommended to send the same type of content to every customer on your list, as preferences differ from customer to customer.

Be aware of your competition

Make sure you know your competition well. Some of them may already have a loyal following. You need to make sure that your content is similar if not better than that of your competition. Here’s how you can simplify this process.

Do a Google search on your topic. See what appears, analyze the content by clicking on each page. If your competitors have already covered this subject, no problem. You can always attract new customers by including more information on the subject. Don’t copy your competitor’s content. Keep it original. After having researched your competition, use google trends to choose the best keywords for your article. Once done, you can publish your article.

Decide what kind of content you’re looking for – and when

Last but not least, make sure you know what type of content you want to pursue. Otherwise, you will confuse your audience and could lose valuable customers. The most common types of content are informational, navigational, and transactional. The first helps customers get more information on a topic, the second includes someone researching a certain topic, and the third includes a specific action that needs to be taken on the website. Choose your intention and execute it.

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