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Gibson Yuen, Likee Operations Manager in Bangladesh

Founded in 2012 by Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll, Vine was a six-second looping video app that has taken the world by storm since its inception. In just two months, Vine has become the most popular and widely used video sharing app on the market.

The short video form has become the center of attention in a very short time. It is inexpensive, easy to transfer, and shares features that meet people’s busy lives today and their demand for social interaction.

Like Vine, today short video platforms have gained momentum and provide valuable opportunities for creators and audiences in today’s digital world. In short, these contemporary short video platforms are transforming the content creation industry like never before, from redefining traditional teaching methods, advertising, storytelling, and marketing to building internet celebrities. .

It is true that human beings are known to be “social creatures”. The internet has evolved from a tool that offers data to a platform where people socially interact, communicate and come into contact with the lives of others. Now all it takes is an internet connection, a smartphone, a few innovative ideas, and we are all ready to create social relationships at our fingertips. Without a doubt, video content has made social interaction more manageable and has become one of the greatest instruments of persuasion in the digital space.

Today, video content is everywhere. Businesses and businesses are making short videos as larger audiences turn to them. The main reason for this massive growth is simple: video content is getting shorter every day. Creators realize that in today’s competitive digital space, we’re more likely to grab attention with a recording of thirty seconds or less than with long, in-depth videos. With so many convenient features, these platforms are becoming an influential medium for bringing content to users.

Likewise, short, mobile-only videos allow us to connect with audiences in a more relaxed and on-the-go way. Hence, this industry is perfect for the young and tech-savvy who take their phones everywhere and are willing to spend a lot on entertaining and personalized retail experiences. Previously, young adults such as Gen Z and Millennials were among the early adopters of social media and continue to frequently use various social media platforms. However, nowadays the use by the elderly has also increased in great numbers. On top of that, the rapid adoption by the older generation driven by the pandemic-induced mobility restrictions opens up new expansion opportunities for retailers.

In today’s video content market, less is, without a doubt, more. Therefore, there is no shortage of the fast paced digital space for content creators and businesses to expand their services through abridged video content. But how to grow an audience if we are committed to the long term? Which abbreviated video platforms are most likely to be successful?

Imagine gaining millions of media impressions in the space of a month by doing absolutely nothing – no advertising or marketing campaigns, just receiving an out of the blue surge of online activity. Add to that an increase in sales, and we have a fantastic deal. By far, video marketing has proven to be one of the most effective ways to generate leads, as people are more likely to share videos than text or images. Video marketing allows businesses to quickly showcase the essentials of their business while incorporating fun graphics, engaging music, or stylish images. When short, informative, and useful, short videos are the best marketing tool that immediately grab the viewer’s attention. They have become a blessing in disguise for companies, due to their unique business models.

All over the world, many short video platforms have started hosting several digital competitions to further fuel this growing opportunity. In Bangladesh, Likee, the app for creating and sharing short videos, has run numerous digital contests over the years. They have organized campaigns and initiatives to create an environment where people can enjoy the benefits of exchanging content while maintaining security. On top of that, the platform has hosted a myriad of other events to keep people engaged with the platform and to respond to both creators and viewers.

Without a doubt, short video platforms like Likee are changing the way we think about entertainment, learning, and marketing. They break the boundaries of traditional media and offer audiences an innovative way to consume information while providing creators with endless opportunities to generate content.

Video content is the present, but shorthand video content is the future. With the continuous advancement in technology, short video platforms provide online communities where knowledge can be shared among users. It offers collaborative learning to its users to enrich and enhance their learning experience while enabling creators and businesses to thrive in the emerging new digital world.

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