The all-in-one content creation platform Visme launches a new feature: dynamic fields


ROCKVILLE, MD, USA, July 25, 2022 / — The all-in-one visual content creation platform with over 15 million users worldwide, Vism, has increased its capability for business and enterprise users with its latest feature release: Dynamic Fields. This user-friendly feature allows users to automatically populate data into their Visme projects, ensuring ease of use and accuracy for presentations, proposals, reports, and other documents.

Dynamic fields in Visme allow users to quickly create dynamic components across multiple projects, visible to all team members in their workspace. All standard values ​​are accessible through the Dynamic Fields menu, where users can manage and update all projects in their workspace that contain a particular value.

Using dynamic fields saves businesses the time and effort typically associated with the tedious and often error-prone task of manually updating information such as employee names, earnings, product specifications or prices. This feature provides peace of mind that all project information is up-to-date, accurate, and error-free. Once users enter data into a dynamic field in Visme, it will automatically update in all projects where that field is used.

This feature gives businesses the freedom to break away from boring, one-size-fits-all mediums and get creative with their sales and marketing content. Design beautiful and impressive materials without sacrificing accuracy or data efficiency. Users can now manage their content efficiently and consistently across various teams and departments, while maintaining the level of personalization and personalization necessary for engaging design experiences.

Dynamic Fields functionality is now available for all Visme Business and Enterprise plans, with use cases spanning sales and marketing, business development, project management, HR, training, and more. Learn more about the feature and try it out here.

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