To ensure that Solvv remains at the forefront of content creation and equal participation, the company has incorporated an innovation program called Solvv.X. It focuses on exploring emerging technologies, such as Web3, to integrate high utility reward mechanisms for creators and listeners. A highlight is the soon to be launched Modernist NFT collection. Born out of a desire to provide the Solvv community with an opportunity to meaningfully participate, Modernist allows users to extend their relationship to the platform as investors, ambassadors and cultural pioneers.

Modernist should be launched in June 2022 and unlike anything else in the NFT collectibles space. The visual art is an androgynous face that deliberately wears no realistic skin tone of any kind. Instead, the interchangeable pop art concept offers an array of vibrant colors, materials and stories, and incorporates dynamic sound elements.

Solvv’s holistic vision and approach to building community offers the modern creator an exciting new canvas for networking, online and IRL.

About Solvv Inc.
Solvv is a community innovation company focused on social media, thought leadership, and equal participation of creators at the intersection of Web2 and Web3. Online and IRL – it offers its community a micro-podcasting platform, a high-utility interactive NFT collection, and an integrated Solvv.X innovation lab, which encourages co-creation between business and community.

The SOLVV application is available on iOS and android devices.

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