Sentinels Go Content Creation Adding Twitch Variety Streamer 39daph

Sentinels added their first dedicated content creator to the team roster today with the signing of variety streamer 39Daph.

In a fun short video posted to Twitter, the team made the move both epic and hilarious by saying fans rated it “two out of five kekws.”

But the signing represents a breakthrough in content creation for Sentinels in which most of the other established teams, like 100 Thieves, Team Envy and many others, already have deep roots.

“As the first content creator without a competitive background, the addition of daph marks a new chapter in the organization’s commitment to providing gaming-related entertainment to a rapidly growing fandom,” said President of Sentinels , Rob Moore. “We are confident this will be the first of many new designers to come. “

Sentinels is best known for its North American VALUING list, but it also has teams in Fortnite, Halo, and Apex Legends.

While Daph is the first person the organization has specifically added as a streamer, she’s not the only content creator on the team. Daph joins a Sentinel streamer lineup that includes two former esports pros in former player OWL Surefour and VALUING Sinatraa player.

Over the past year, Daph’s Twitch channel has averaged nearly 7,000 viewers over 1,799 hours of airtime, according to the Twitch statistics tracker. SullyGnome. That number puts it among the 200 most watched streamers on the platform during that time frame with 12.6 million hours watched.

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Jenny T. Curlee