See what content creation looks like in 2022

Content creation is what Non-fungible films is all about, and they take it seriously as one of the Web3 studios that wants to focus on connecting with mainstream media. They want content creation to be decentralized and focus on a symbiotic, peer-to-peer relationship with those who consume content and those who focus on its creation. NFF is an exciting new rising star inside the cryptocurrency and NFT space, and it will be very interesting to see where it goes.

Content creation is more about storytelling than ever, and Nonfungible Movies might want to introduce you to its multi-metaverse and all the technicalities it provides, but they want it all wrapped up in an engaging story that will keep everyone comes back for more, both by watching the content and getting rewards from that content.

NFF will explore the world of Web3 and focus on sharing its benefits and explaining what could be misconstrued to people who are not there yet when it comes to making the leap to decentralized web themselves- same. This will be the content they create in 2022.

If you’re looking to see what content creation looks like in 2022, keep reading. You are about to find out what is gaining popularity and what is emerging. With video content all the rage on social media, it’s only a matter of time when things like NFFs seize.

The content was created for a certain purpose. To entertain or educate. It depends on what goal the creators themselves want to achieve.

If you plan to create content on your own, it might be a good idea to keep reading. This will probably give you ideas of what you can put together. That said, let’s talk more.

What is content creation?

Before moving forward, let’s give a refresher on content creation (in case you need it). It is the process of coming up with ideas and turning them into a form of content. It can be video, audio or even text.

One thing to keep in mind is your target audience. You’ll want to know who it’s for or it’ll fall flat. You’ll want to know who they are and the best way to reach them.

For example, if you appeal to a younger audience, you might consider TikTok or even Instagram. You can create your content there and you will get the best possible engagement.

Content creation and blockchain

The blockchain is described as a decentralized system. Content creation can gain popularity there for many reasons. First, the blockchain is not controlled by any kind of authority.

This means that the likelihood of content being censored is less than on mainstream social media platforms on the web today. This may be a good thing given that Big Tech has continually cracked down on content that may produce some sort of “misinformation.”

Blockchain also aims to help content creators. Not only is recognition something they want, but also the assurance that content creation is 100% under their control. Ownership of content is something that is not often talked about.

If you create a type of content and publish it somewhere online, you may not entirely own it (or even have control over it). Additionally, with 100% ownership, they can also enjoy the content if permitted.

Content creators on the blockchain can earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies. The more popular the content, the more rewards they could earn.

Even today, there are many digital content platforms on the blockchain. These include SteemIt, where you can post written content. You can also take a look at Flixxo, where you can distribute videos on a decentralized platform.

You can earn their native cryptocurrencies which can be spent or traded on their platform. For example, Flixxo has a native token called FLIXX. These can be redeemed in or out of the app.

FLIXX tokens can be used to watch videos or trade with people inside the network. FLIXX can also be spent outside of the app itself (if accepted).

Tokens can be moved to specific exchanges that will recognize them. They can exchange them for other cryptos or sell them directly.

Content creation and the current web

At present, we are still living in the age of Web 2. Eventually, we will see Web 3 in the years to come. For now, content creation relies on a better experience for its audience.

Interactive content is seeing an increase in usage. For example, many creators set up quizzes and polls to help tailor a personalized solution for their target audience based on a problem they may have. Once completed, a user can enter their email on a landing page to receive their results in their inbox.

Video content is still looking to reign supreme in 2022 and beyond. For this reason, standing out may be one of the biggest challenges. More than three-quarters of marketers said videos were the most effective format they’ve used.

Soon people will realize that video may be where it is. Interactive or short content videos are considered two of the best types because they will allow people to participate or take action quickly. Either way, having a good call-to-action in place will be a must.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for ways to create content in 2022, it may be important to consider your options. You can create it on the current web or branch out and try it on the blockchain. If you are someone looking for complete ownership and control, blockchain might serve you best.

In the meantime, it’s important to consider whether video content might be right for you. Even if you’re camera shy, you can still create videos without ever showing your face. Don’t forget to know who your target audience is and where they can consume this content.

Author: Jean Tiroud

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