Risky Studios: The couple’s shared love for music and content creation inspires new business

For high school sweethearts Alicia and Joshua Southern, music has always been an integral part of life.

Joshua Southern started making music in elementary school. After the couple married, the basement of their home served as a recording studio for several Joshua albums before they decided they needed more space.

“We got to the point where Josh was doing more collaboration,” Alicia Southern said. “All we knew was it was time to get out of the house.”

The couple found an available space at 301 Mac Ave., Suite 106 in East Lansing. They moved the recording studio to the back room of the suite, but realized their new space offered even more opportunities.

From there, Risky Studios was born.

“We wanted to create a creative space for content creators,” Alicia Southern said. “People who have podcasts, people who do photography, things like that…to have a space to do that. We have a space here that can be filmed, because if you have some kind of casual Youtube channel.

People can rent time slots to use the studio’s various amenities: couches for occasional video shooting, interchangeable photo backgrounds, studio lighting, and a podcast equipped with microphones and recording equipment.

“There are a lot of creative people who just need a chance, you know, need the opportunity to create,” Joshua Southern said. “You just have to change the world a little bit. »

The black and gold interior design is also a tribute to the couple’s roots – it’s the same as the colors of Saginaw High School, where they first met. Although the couple are not from East Lansing, Joshua Southern said it was the perfect community to grow his business and be a part of.

“East Lansing is very supportive of their businesses,” Alicia Southern said. “We wanted it to be accessible so that we could kind of bridge the gap between the college community and the rest of East Lansing.”

Overall, the couple want their new space to be a place where the creative endeavors of others come to life.

“We want to see other people’s passions come to life,” Alicia Southern said. “And just contribute to the arts community, in and around East Lansing, and as far as that takes us.”

Risky Studios is open to the public and their services and reservations are visible on their website. The grand opening will take place on February 26.

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