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Quasar Science is a household name on sets around the world. Lighting designers and filmmakers rely on the company’s tools to create art with limitless possibilities. Along with helping creators realize their vision, there are still plenty of new and exciting ideas on the horizon. This includes the recently announced Quasar LED tube lights. : Fade X, Rainbow 2and double rainbow.

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Some of Hollywood’s favorite lighting tools come from Quasar, which are known for their ease of use, durability, and relatively low price. Additionally, Quasar luminaires are well known and recognized for their tubular design and high color score. Here’s what we know so far about the new Crossfade X, Rainbow 2, and Double Rainbow lights.

Rainbow 2

The Rainbow 2 (R2) is the new and improved version of the original Quasar Rainbow. For film and content creation, the R2 is the first linear LED that adds a host of new features, while maintaining the same sleek, rugged low-profile form factor. It has high RGB color saturation and multiple pixels that maintain super smooth, flicker-free gradation. The Ossium Mounting System (OMS) allows for endless mounting possibilities that were previously impossible. The R2 is the ultimate workhorse for lighting actors and environments. All Rainbow 2s have multi-pixel control for the cleanest color.

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Powered by AC or DC power input, this linear LED light offers incredible data connectivity. In addition, it has cat 5/cat 6 DMX ports, wireless DMX by Lumen Radio and Bluetooth. The R2 is available in three lengths at different price points: two feet, four feet and eight feet. There is also a two-foot and four-foot quad kit available.

Main characteristics:

  • Color control – The perceptually distributed color palette allows artists to instinctively control lighting. Spectral Control allows artists to control the spectral imprint of a color.
  • color science – Over a billion colors can be calibrated by RGBX Spectral Science Color Engine.
  • Pixelation – The Rainbow 2 produces more realistic animation due to its higher pixel count and better control
  • Assembly – The OSSIUM mounting system seamlessly integrates with industry standard hardware for safer, faster and more accurate rigging.
  • Connectivity – It has a built-in Ethernet node that extends data versatility.

double rainbow

The Double Rainbow (RR) linear LED has two rows of RGBX pixels. This takes its animation and special effects capabilities one step further. RR is sleek, compact and packed with amazing features. The unique shape makes it a powerful light source that takes up little space, but never sacrifices color or output quality. Even though it’s twice as wide as standard T12 tubes, you’ll find it best used for studio lighting, process car work, or special effects lighting. With its vibrant saturated colors and intense white light, the end result is realistic illumination.

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RR can be controlled with wired DMX or wireless DMX as well as Bluetooth. This eliminates the need for data boxes, receivers or transmitters. Use the built-in AC power supply or use it with DC battery power for use wherever and whenever you want. The Ossium Mounting System rig adapts to all conditions.

RRs are available in two lengths: two feet and four feet. A four-legged double kit and a two-legged double kit are also available.

Main characteristics:

  • Double width design – Its unique two-row design produces unparalleled flexibility.
  • Color control – The industry’s first perceptually distributed color palette uses just-perceptible difference for instinctive light control. Spectral Control, a new technical and creative tool, allows output desaturating for third-party color-matching devices.
  • color science – Over a billion colors can be calibrated by RGBX Spectral Science Color Engine.
  • Pixelation – Double height produces more realistic lighting effects animation.
  • Assembly – The OSSIUM mounting system seamlessly integrates with industry standard hardware for safer, faster and more accurate rigging.
  • Connectivity – It is equipped with both an Ethernet node and a network switch.

Fade X

Crossfade X is the cheapest unit of the lot. It has an aluminum frame that features a plastic diffuser around the bulb. The lamp is dimmable using a knob at the end of the lamp. It produces a balanced, flicker-free color spectrum at any color mix by mixing a 2000K hot diode with a 6000K cold diode. One light can be used as the main light, three for a three-point setup, or paired for a larger light source. Additionally, the Crossfade X can retrofit older Kino packages to make LED units dimmer compatible and increase color output and quality. Due to its light weight, the luminaire is easy to handle, extremely portable and easy to mount on a wall or ceiling with adhesive tape without fear of it falling.

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Clever AC mounting and wiring accessories increase its versatility. 120 volt AC power is required at only one end of the tubing, reducing wiring requirements. The Crossfade X is available in several sizes: two feet, four feet and eight feet.

Main characteristics:

  • Tunable white light – It mixes a 2000K hot diode and a 6000K cold diode for a balanced, flicker-free color spectrum regardless of the color mix.
  • Dimmable – It is compatible with most AC TRIAC dimming systems.
  • Simple operation – New on/off switch and control dial allow for quick operation and easy adjustments.
  • Low profile – It can easily hide in small spaces or be recessed into walls or ceilings with adhesive tape.
  • Lightweight – It is extremely portable and easy to use with one hand for endless rigging possibilities.
  • Scalable – Stack them in columns or rows. Create large LED panels and arrays.


Quasar wants you to use these LED lights to control the light on the set to accomplish your tasks. When it comes to lighting, there are plenty of options to choose from in their catalog. As for the three listed above, their size, durability, and versatility make them ideal for any number of projects. Whatever your style or budget, professional lighting is now within your reach. As mentioned, each of the new Quasar LED lights is available in a range of lengths, kits and price points.

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