PUBG MOBILE Launches Community-Led Content Creation Program

This week, PUBG MOBILE, one of the world’s most popular mobile games, was delighted to present the Ptopia design project, a new way for players to get involved in in-game content creation. The project features many community-driven design challenges for outfits, weapons, backpacks, parachutes, graffiti and more. even more. Through collaborations with famous designers and museums, the Ptopia Design Project will extend the already high level of design collaboration between PUBG MOBILE and its players.

Over the past year, PUBG MOBILE hosted their 2020 Outfit Design Contest, with an incredible number of entries from players around the world. Of all the designs submitted, the top four (Valorian Set, Daydream Set, Cool to Be Hot Set, and Galaxy Messenger Set) were chosen and included directly in the game. Today, PUBG MOBILE officially revealed the Galaxy Messenger Bundle as the winner of the 2020 Outfit Design Contest. The set will be offered free of charge to all players who have registered for the new update to version 1.5.

The 2020 Outfit Design Contest was the latest showcase for the talent of PUBG MOBILE players, who since launch have created videos, songs and art through a number of community events. On July 10, PUBG MOBILE announced the start of the 2021 Outfit Design Contest. The contest winner will have their design become a play outfit, win an official PUBG MOBILE art pack, be part of the official PUBG MOBILE Creative Group and win up to $ 1,000.

PUBG MOBILE will unveil a number of collaborations with world-renowned museums and designers throughout the year. As part of its recently announced collaboration with PUBG MOBILE, French haute couture fashion designer Julien Fournié will be a judge on the Ptopia Design Project.

PUBG MOBILE will also present for the first time a digital art library, open to all players and content creators, which will feature images, models and objects created by the community. Players will be able to show not only their skills in combat, but also their creative ability, in the game.

To read the contest rules and learn more about how to enter the 2021 Outfit Design Contest, visit this link. More details about PDP can be found here.

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Jenny T. Curlee