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LONDON, November 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Today, Stats Perform, the leader in data and AI sports technology, announced that PressBox Graphics is the latest addition to the PressBox platform. The acquisition and integration is the result of Stats Perform’s strategic focus on engaging fans and helping clients succeed in a highly competitive sports media market.

The integration of PressBox Graphics into the PressBox package follows Stats Perform’s acquisition of 13 Strides earlier this year and the full integration of the old Opta Graphics platform into the Pressbox platform. The acquisition and integration is a result of Stats Perform’s strategic focus on engaging fans and helping clients succeed in a highly competitive sports media market.

Many teams, leagues and media companies face the same challenge of capturing, engaging and gaining the attention of fans across different mediums, including social media, broadcast, stadium screens or scoreboards. edge. Visualizations combined with data and information are essential to success, however, creating these graphs and integrating them with the data is not an easy task. PressBox Graphics, powered by Stats Perform’s best Opta sports data and the most advanced AI, enables users to produce these graphics in just seconds.

The addition of PressBox Graphics to the PressBox platform follows the launch of PressBox Live and PressBox Video earlier this year, which means in-game storytelling, video discovery, and now visual content creation are all. accessible through a single platform.

“We are delighted that PressBox Graphics is joining the PressBox platform, not only does this allow the high speed production of stunning visuals, but it is now easier for our customers to operate the entire PressBox product suite, all of them. powered by the world’s best sports data. and AI, says Nancy Hensley, director of product and marketing at Stats Perform. “Content is king, and time is money, with PressBox Graphics we can meet both challenges. “

The PressBox platform, including PressBox Live, PressBox Video and PressBox Graphics, is available to media, broadcast, teams, leagues and sports organizations of all types and sizes. To learn more,

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