Pixlr launches two new apps to make it easier to create casual content


This article was produced in collaboration with Pixlr.

Pixlr has launched its two user-friendly mobile apps – Stories and Remove Background. Stories by Pixlr is a mobile app that allows social media users to create portrait-sized stories on the go, so they can share them across all content-disappearing social media platforms such as Facebook Story and Instagram Story.

The new app contains a smart editing tool called Easy Edit which allows all users, even casual content creators, to quickly customize their story according to their preferences, such as uploading their own photo, enhancing them with filters and modifying the color as well as the text.

Ola Sevandersson, CEO of Pixlr, said, “With Stories, you don’t have to be a designer to create a great story for Instagram or Tiktok. Our robust AI system makes it easier for users to complete a story in the blink of an eye so they can instantly share amazing moments with friends and family.

Remove Background allows content creators and digital entrepreneurs to remove the background from one or more photos. Built using Apple technologies like Core ML to provide a super fast background, this mobile app will create a cutout for your profile picture, social media post, story, podcast cover, photography of products and even for online use like Shopify, Poshmark, Amazon and Etsy Product Photos.

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Both mobile apps are now available for free download from Apple Store and Google Playstore. Stories and Remove Background by Pixlr is the first of many apps to refresh Pixlr’s premier mobile app. Since its inception in 2008, the company has focused on developing content editing and design tools used on desktop computers.

According to the company, the rise of casual content in the social media sphere inspired Pixlr to expand its product line to include more mobile apps and begin giving everyone access to an abundance of design resources. Pixlr says it is used by nearly 10 million users per month, with its mobile apps having been downloaded more than 130 million times since its launch.

Previously, Pixlr launched Pixlr 2022, to enhance photo editing potential by incorporating AI-powered features that are fully equipped with new interactive animation feature, tablet-friendly brushes and a healing tool that allows users to retouch and edit up to 50 images at a time. Keeping abreast of trends in the changing landscape of photo editing, Pixlr 2022 provides magic keys to enable users to create smarter and faster designs in an easy-to-use way.

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