Online summer camps teach kids about game design and content creation


Fleming Tech Camps is here to save summer camp and empower kids to learn through the wonders of the internet.

So most normal summer activities are canceled this year – or at least they should be – but Fleming Tech Camps is here to save summer camp and let kids learn through the wonders of the internet.

Fleming Tech Camps has been around for 18 summers and offers online summer camp programs focused on game design and digital art. The camps use popular online community platforms and video games, like Minecraft, Twitch and YouTube to help kids learn and create.

The camps are divided by level and are offered in full days or half days. 4e until 11e graders will use Minecraft learn lessons about the science of roller coasters and adventure design, Portal 2 and Fortnite for 3D game design, and Twitch and YouTube for video production and editing. While the youngest in 2n/a through 4e the note will use Minecraft for the same things as older campers, but will focus on web design, digital photography, and video editing without the YouTube or Twitch elements.


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Camps are already in full swing but will continue until the end of August for anyone who is late to the party but still wants to register. There are two different plans for campers to follow that will make planning a total breeze. A week of full-day camps will cost $210 while a week of half-days will cost $150. They also offer family options so families with only one screen available but more than one camper can all participate together with the same program.

Moving everything to an online home camp platform was a simple and smart decision on the part of this veteran group of educators and camp counsellors. It’s the perfect climate for Fleming Tech Camps to thrive and reach an even wider group of children. They provide great skills for primary and secondary school children that will likely be extremely useful in the future. Ultimately, learning the science behind roller coasters is way cooler and probably more useful than sharing a bunk bed and being eaten alive by mosquitoes all summer long.

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