Nexon promises profit-making features for new content creation and gaming platform


[Courtesy of Nexon]

SEOUL — In its new content creation and gaming platform, “MapleStory Worlds,” Nexon, a South Korean game company based in Japan, has promised to sequentially introduce functions that can generate profits through worlds or avatar costumes produced by the creators. Service areas will be expanded globally.

“We ask for a lot of attention as this is another attempt for users to become creators by opening our IP,” Shin Min-seok, director of Nexon’s new development division, said in a statement. after MapleStory Worlds launched a pilot service in the South. Korea on September 1.

Nexon, known for popular games such as MapleStory and Dungeon & Fighter, described “MapleStory Worlds” as a platform that supports cross-play on PC and mobile devices and allows anyone to directly create, share and enjoy its own content with others using extensive resources from “MapleStory”. In MapleStory, a world is a collection of servers that users connect to, each world having a different group of players and a separate economy.

In MapleStory Worlds, Nexon said users can communicate with friends by decorating avatars that express their own individuality and play with others while exploring many worlds. Production tools allow users to implement and present their own ideas to others.

Nexon’s Developer Center helps creators produce content more easily. The company provides step-by-step learning content and guide videos so that everyone can learn development knowledge from the basic phase. Creators can share their development know-how via a developer forum, recommend fun worlds, or brag about avatars via a gamer forum.

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