New video details the challenges of creating MMORPG content


A new video details some of the challenges of creating MMORPG-based content, with several MMO creator heavyweights weighing in on the subject.

The video is from the creator Josh Strife Hayes, exploring the topic of MMO content creation, specifically the challenges creators face when choosing to create video content for the MMORPG genre. The video covers a range of topics, all of which are great dives into the struggles YouTube creators (and to some extent, even the media) face when covering the MMORPG genre.

What makes this video compelling isn’t just Hayes’ expertise, but also the commentary and insights of some of YouTube’s most prominent MMO creators, including Asmongold, Kira TV, LazyPeon, Zepla HQ and more. The video mixes Hayes’ ideas with those of his colleagues, touching on various topics such as the nature of creating content for a single MMO versus being a more general MMO creator, the differences between early reviews game and end game, and more.

Ultimately, the video is also meant to inspire more creators to enter the space, but also to warn potential creators looking into the space of what they can expect to see.

“This video was not designed to scare you, it was designed to welcome you into a strange career with a glimpse of the truth behind what you will actually experience,” Hayes said in his closing remarks.

It’s a long video, but it’s definitely worth watching, even if you don’t delve into content creation yourself, but rather want a deeper look at the content creation process, as well as challenges some of your favorite creators are facing. Get your popcorn ready or just put on your favorite MMO and listen to it.

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Jenny T. Curlee