NAB Show will explore the creation of audio and visual content

NAB Show invites broadcast professionals from the media, entertainment and technology industries to explore creating audio and visual experiences and connect with distribution and delivery representatives at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, April 23-27, 2022.

The conference will cover industry-wide content for those who want to automate production, leverage data to improve user experience, and engage new business models to increase their reach.

Addressing a variety of industry professionals, the planned conference program will reflect a range of topics. Producers, creators, content creators and broadcasters can explore how to create content for different audiences, while engineers, technologists, implementers and coders can explore how to set standards, make decisions, increase reach and attract talent through cloud computing. Plus, advertisers, marketers, analysts, and executives can learn how to adapt, identify value, and spot trends through next-generation media, cross-platform solutions, and technology.

Other topics will focus on how content can be delivered through cloud computing and media infrastructure, as well as how to increase productivity.

Delegates will also be able to take part in numerous workshops on topics such as streaming, cinematic lighting and production.

Companies such as Microsoft will be exhibiting, addressing the different stages of content from creation to consumption. Each content stage is assigned to designated areas including Connected Media, Experiential Zones, Floor Tours, Future of Delivery, Future Park, and Streaming Experience.

Register for the NAB show here.

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Jenny T. Curlee