Marquètte’s AI-powered platform to kick-start the creation of compelling content


US software development company Devtorium launches its first SaaS product Marquètte, an AI-powered platform that helps generate content and boost business.

Marquette is an AI-powered platform that can help businesses, and especially content creators, in many ways. Its main objective is to help you answer several questions using the power of AI. The process is simple, you ask a question and the AI ​​processes a large database to provide you with several opinions on the subject. Launched on April 8, Marquètte by an American software development company Devtorium will make content creation a breeze!

Marquette’s applications are incredibly versatile.

  • Content creators and marketing agencies can use reviews provided by Marquette to dramatically speed up search. The product can help start the content creation process by offering different ideas and perspectives. Writers can use them to create solid content on any topic.
  • Companies can use these opinions to learn more about their audience or the market. This information can help to see an issue from different angles. Therefore, it would be possible to make more informed decisions about management and the business as a whole.
  • Students can use Marquette’s abilities when conducting research or seeking inspiration for their essays.

The Marquètte AI-powered platform is available for a free trial so anyone can test it out. The solution is very intuitive and optimized for all devices. So it’s always easy to sign up and find out what he’s up to.

The Silver subscription plan is available for those who want to explore Marquette to the fullest. This plan also includes the option of having the responses moderated by an expert consultant. In this way, one gets valuable content that can be used in different ways. For example, Marquette reviews can become social media drafts or blog posts. They can also be part of a forum marketing strategy.

Subscribing to Marquette provides access to the in-app currency called Credits. Their use opens up access to additional features, such as human editing of AI-generated responses. You can buy more credits at any time. The payment system of the solution is powered by Stripe to guarantee maximum security and protection of user data.

Marquette was developed by Devtorium, a software development company headquartered in the United States. Devtorium also has several offices in Eastern Europe. The company recently merged with Morebis, a leading developer in New York and North Carolina, according to Clutch.

The idea to create Marquètte was born about two years ago, explains Abhishek Jain, Chief Product Officer of Devtorium:

“It took our team of data scientists, backend and frontend developers, DevOps, UI/UX designers and marketers about two years to launch this MVP that we are proud of. A team of 18 people has been working for 75,000 hours (2 years), giving their all to our idea. I’m amazed at the enthusiasm of our developers. We are all eager to see how our product helps people overcome so many business challenges. We look forward to user feedback! This is our first proprietary SaaS product and we ask that you bear with us and share your candid opinions. We are a customer-centric company and want to establish a dialogue with all our users. We’re already brimming with ideas on how we’ll improve this product with every bi-weekly update! »

Devtorium is a team of over 220 expert developers, data scientists, information security professionals, marketers, and UI/UX designers. The company holds several certificates, including ISO 27001:2013. Devtorium works with clients around the world on projects ranging from energy management to beauty and insurance applications.

Part of Devtorium’s development team is based in Ukraine, and the company has taken an active role in helping those affected by the war raging in that country. 30% of the company’s income is donated to humanitarian aid and reconstruction projects.

Marquette is the company’s innovation in the field of SaaS. However, Devtorium has many other projects and concepts in development. The motto of the team is “Securing the future of your business”. They are always looking to the future, finding ways to improve their service quality and technology.

Devtorium Headquarters: Lafayette Str 148, New York, NY 110011

E-mail: [email protected]

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