Leverage intelligent content services with SearchBlox

Organizations today are replete with various types of content and different types of users, use cases, and requirements. Through automation, integration, and AI, intelligent content services build on the foundations of ECM systems to make it easier to access, share, and collaborate on information.

KMWorld hosted a webinar with John Lewis, Ed.D., CKO, SearchBlox, which discussed emerging best practices and strategies for transforming ECM in the enterprise.

According to Lewis, the most used hyperlink on the Internet is the back button. Users will leave a website in droves because the page load speed is too slow, the content is not attractive, the appearance is not appealing, or it is impossible to search and find answers.

People want relevant search results like Google’s search engine results page, information-driven like Amazon’s recommendation engine, personalized like Spotify’s on-demand playlists, and voice-activated like Apple’s Siri.

Companies want solutions where setup is easy, security is strong, support is available and search is advanced, Lewis said.

Unified search delivers better decisions, faster. It can analyze content from different structured sources, content from different unstructured sources, content from different file types, and content from different content types (FAQ).

Providing answers to FAQs can increase conversions (sales), alleviate service calls (support), and increase productivity (employees).

Manually produced FAQs are created based on many assumptions about the frequency of specific questions, he explained. Instead of guessing frequency before searches, SmartFAQs cover the full gamut of content and provide analysis afterwards.

Instead of manually duplicating content, SmartFAQ automatically creates questions and answers, and keeps content in sync. Instead of manually creating dead-end logical FAQ snippets, SmartFAQs always provide contextual links to richer content.

Smart search can help end users make better decisions faster. Organizations can increase searchability with natural language processing to automatically correct content before searching. Companies can also increase searchability through post-search analytics and insights, he explained.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.

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Jenny T. Curlee