KNewMedia.Digital launches Authority Proof, an authority content creation service


Earlier today, KNewMedia.Digital finally announced the launch of its new Authority Proof Content service, which has been in development since August 2021. The main goal is to attract more customers, clients or patients in the next 90 days… without change nothing inside a company… but it does, with a difference.

Lorita Marie Kimble, Founder of KNewMedia.Digital, says, “We wanted to try something new with this Authority Proof Content service. Anyone familiar with the local business market will probably have noticed that everyone seems to be doing things the old fashioned way – and you see people teaching it all the time – ie: if you want more customers, you need a Facebook page, you need to be on Instagram. You should post your photos, post your videos, and comment on other people’s posts. You must have a great Twitter feed. You have to “tweet” two, three, four times a day. You must have a YouTube channel, where you post videos every week. And you must have a great blog. You need to consistently produce long, quality content for your audience. And if you want to drive traffic to your blog, you need SEO. Which means you need to build backlinks. Do all of these things and maybe… you’ll get more customers. This is a huge problem because it’s just not scalable. Business owners don’t have the time or inclination to create all that content.

So, as a welcome breath of fresh air, KNewMedia.Digital will instead provide a content creation and distribution solution that combines a talented content writing team of over 100 people, AI and machine learning. . Authority Proof will create, refine and distribute 6 types of content to hundreds of authority websites and digital platforms. This ensures that people searching for the products and services offered by the company are very likely to see them. And that’s extremely powerful because if their customers miss a significant piece of content in one format, they’re more likely to see it if the company repeats it but in a different format, in a different place. Thus, their business accesses multiple platforms, in multiple formats, and leverages their pre-existing authority and audience.

KNewMedia.Digital chose to take this step because, like a megaphone can amplify a voice without extra effort, this proof-of-authority content process amplifies a company’s authority so they can increase their online visibility and drive more traffic to their local website.

Lorita Marie Kimble also said, “We want to provide options for our customers. With our new Authority Proof Content service, they have a new possibility. We want them to feel like they’ve made a smart decision for their business that results in an increase in brand visibility, not a decrease when using the service. Trying something new is always a risk, but it’s a risk we believe is worth taking.

KNewMedia.Digital has been in business for over 11 years and was established in October 2010. Since day one, it has always sought to stand out from the crowd, while providing its customers with the best possible experience at the best possible price.

The new Authority Proof Content service is set to launch on May 1, 2022. To learn more about the service and KNewMedia.Digital, please visit

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Organization: KNewMedia.Digital
Address: 8775 Center Park Drive #513, Columbia, MD 21045, USA
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