Katch brings its taste-driven approach to content creation and consumption on TV

The multi-year deal with AMC Networks is the TV industry’s first partner, following successful work in film to map audience preferences using the human-powered media genome

MENLO PARK, Calif., March 222022 /PRNewswire/ — katch, which has successfully delivered data-driven insights to a variety of partners in the film world, today announced its first deal in the television space, bringing its unique ability to map audience preferences to the human-powered media genome aid to new media. The company’s first television partner is AMC Networks, which will leverage Katch’s insights to support its linear networks and growing portfolio of targeted streaming services.

Katch is the creator of the world’s first human-powered multimedia genome for the entertainment industry. By uncovering the DNA of movies and TV shows (“Why do we like what we like?”), Katch enables stakeholders to meticulously understand audiences, content and markets, using taste, rather than genre, as the basis for classifying films and television.

By providing a genomic view of all of AMC Networks original programming, down to individual network and streaming brands, Katch is able to shed light on the specific attributes that drive viewers to connect with AMC Networks content. ‘business. Katch’s genomics approach reveals fundamental information such as where and, more importantly, Why movies or TV series resonate with specific audiences (across cities, countries, demographics, behavioral segments and tastes). This precise and detailed information is invaluable to any programmer looking to deliver emotional and resonant promotional messages to current or potential viewers and subscribers.

“Data and insights into what people are watching and why is critical as we seek to reach viewers with our original programming in a crowded and competitive environment,” said Melanie Schneiderfirst vice-president of research, AMC Networks. “This is A unique genomics approach to analyzing film and television is a powerful new tool that will help us analyze our original programming in a new and very specific way, and then apply that information to how we communicate to audiences and present content. to viewers. »

Katch’s genome, designed by former Pandora architect Dr. nolan gasserconsists of 2,500 unique elements that capture every media layer, including cinematography, background, directing approach, score, and much more. Throughout 2022, large portions of AMC’s library will be analyzed by Katch’s hand-graded and trained human content analysts.

Katch overcomes AI’s shortcomings in collecting nuanced and defining data. Modern natural language processing and web scraping technologies can only produce a partial picture of a particular medium’s identity, while trained human analysts are able to identify the nuances that define the content. Rigorous quality assurance is provided by AI/ML and vigilant cycles of human coding.

Katch seeks to make “genre” obsolete in today’s crowded content market by providing a window into audience tastes and the subconscious connections viewers make to film and TV IPs. [Intellectual Properties].

About Katch

Combining rich entertainment expertise with proprietary Media Genome and advanced data science, Katch enables Hollywood studios, streamers, and production companies to deeply understand their content libraries and engage audiences on a deeper level. Unlike other content data companies, Katch uses a human-mediated approach to classify (“encode”) TV and movies into their genome. By applying a sophisticated taxonomy of 2,500 unique genes, Katch surpasses dominant genre-level categorization to capture the true identity of media and the viewer’s experience. Situated at Menlo Park, California, private. Katch arms industry decision makers with a powerful new generation of tools, improving their investments in content, marketing, profitability and brand. Those interested can find out more by visiting https://www.katchdata.com/.

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