Instagram influencer Ruhee Dosani on her journey in the content creation space


The influencer economy is growing, and more so in the midst of the global pandemic when a number of creators have joined the existing army of influencers. Among the growing number of social media influencers is Ruhee Dosani, who describes himself as “Punjab di kudi now abroad” on Instagram.

Ruhee has a huge 933K followers on Instagram, and his videos focus on dance and entertainment.

Ruhee says social media is a great platform for showcasing talent and creativity. “Sometimes people just get stuck and feel like they can’t put what they have there,” she says. So it’s the best way to connect with people and distribute creative content.

She shares that when she first started she had no idea what was going on, but then grew up learning and observing, and eventually evolved her content. “Everyone has a niche, a specific audience and a style,” says Ruhee. People, especially family, inspire Ruhee to come up with ideas for her content.

Ruhee’s content generally includes music as a basic component. She never gives in to trends but sticks to her own tastes when it comes to choosing music for her videos. She has an affinity with Bollywood music and it gets her moving. “It’s a different energy; it feels like home, ”she says.

Bollywood music evolves these days with hobbies and remixing, but Ruhee focuses on the 90s era because it brings the element of nostalgia. She, however, creates content that can be consumed by all age groups and is in some way accessible to her audience.

The theme of educational content which combines the elements of entertainment and education can send a message to a large number of people.

Ruhee also created content related to “No smoking” and “No drinking” etc. She thinks that sending an essential message while making a dance video is helpful because it adds more value to the content she creates.

The world of content creation is changing extremely quickly and everyone is creating content along the same lines. Therefore, it is important to get your content out quickly and efficiently.

“I feel like all content creators think the same way and thinking outside the box becomes difficult and exhausting. But once you get it and put it out there, it’s so much fun, ”Ruhee says.

Commenting on the monetization aspect of content creation, Ruhee says creators typically make money from branded content. When brands approach content creators to advertise their products, influencers tailor their content based on brand spread, which earns money as the brand pays for the content.

Ruhee offers candid and fun answers in the Influencers Inc Interview Quick Tour by Your story from sharing his love for Diljit Dosanjh to the dream of living in Barcelona.

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