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If you talk to customers in large organizations, without the right people, the right processes, and the right technology, customers bear the brunt of these complexities.

This is what Tim Ament, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Australia and New Zealand, noticed when he joined Ingram Micro in March 2020. He explains: “Our organizational structure was very people-driven. activities. We had teams of specialists focused on specific tasks. For example, we had billing teams, order teams as well as support, sales and other teams. While that made sense on some level, for customers there was no single point of contact. So they were brought in to navigate our extensive value-added offerings to meet their needs. »

Ament has spoken to clients who have told him that dealing with the company has become complex. However, with over $3.8 billion in business across ANZ, customers also said they trusted the main distributor and could see the company had a positive culture. Ament and his management team saw an opportunity to create something unique in the region and the NEXT project was born to restructure the business around customer relationships.

Ament says that while the NEXT project vision covers the key areas of people, process and technology, the initial focus was on their own people. Ament says, “We started with our own people because good relationships don’t happen through technology and process. While these components are important, people are key. That’s why we’ve hired more than 110 new associates over the past year and worked hard to develop new skills and capabilities with existing employees. There was already a great deal of experience and expertise within Ingram Micro and we wanted to augment that by adding new people with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Thanks to Project NEXT, when a customer contacts Ingram Micro, they now have a single point of contact for the technologies they purchase. This contact is now the single point of contact to support the customer through everything of their interactions with Ingram Micro.

Ament adds, “We are committed to being a voice-driven distributor to help them find what they want without guessing who to contact.”

SVP and CCE of Ingram Micro for ANZ, Tim Ament.

Ament adds that Project NEXT started delivering benefits almost instantly:

  • Greatly improved customer experience
  • A specific team takes care of the integration of new customers and partners
  • Specialized teams deal with specific groups of customers based on the primary technology focus of those customers

For example, the Advanced Solutions group supports partners working with cybersecurity, data center, hybrid workplace, IoT, infrastructure, infrastructure as a service, software as a service and networking. Previously, these customers were grouped with other customers with different needs.

“We listened to customers. They wanted us to be easier to manage, so that’s what we did. We wanted to help our partners say yes to the new opportunities presented to them. We’ve achieved this by having people in the right roles so customers can do business with people they trust,” says Ament.

Ament sees the NEXT project as a stepping stone to continuous improvement. The next phases will shed light on processes and technologies for partners and their customers. A core element called Xvantage gives Ingram Micro centralized visibility across the enterprise to observe, analyze, and gain insights to improve customer, employee, and supplier experiences. To support this strategy, Ingram Micro is recruiting for a new leadership role, ANZ Director of Customer and Digital Experience. This role will report to Ament and be responsible for delivering an exceptional experience for Ingram Micro partners and their customers.

How have Ingram Micro customers reacted?

Ingram Micro brought transformational change by selling Hewlett Packard into the market as One. By creating a community of partners, Ingram Micro has produced an innovative portal called Ingram Micro HP One.

Chelsea Rossney, Director of Commercial Channel at HP, said, “As a channel-led company, together with Ingram Micro, our HP One program is an innovative one-stop-shop, focused on delivering enhanced experiences through support, resources and HP rewards now and in the future. We look forward to the continued success of Ingram Micro and, most importantly, our partner community. »

Meanwhile, Michael Ninness, Director of xAmplify, said, “Ingram Micro provides us with regular engagement which has resulted in the integration of our newest vendor into the advanced solutions portfolio. The Ingram team also took the time to come to our headquarters in ACT to meet with our leadership team and discuss what would be best for the future of our business. We are excited to continue the conversation about optimizing our logistics capabilities to deliver their integrated solutions, supporting our federal government and enterprise customers nationwide.

Ament promises that he and his team will continue to listen and learn to continue to meet the changing needs of their partners.

If you’re looking for your next role in IT, Ingram Micro is hiring a Director of Customer and Digital Experience for ANZ. Click here to find out more.

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