Hyland Launches New Enhancements and Solutions to Its Content Services Platform


Improvements to the Hyland platform include:

Perceptive Content Foundation (EP) Improvement Pack 3 provides more opportunities to expand the reach of perceptual content within customer organizations with perceptual content platform updates and perceptual experience content applications. New features in content apps focus on improving user productivity by including additional capture capabilities and streamlined indexing functionality to capture content from any app and display, manage and process content. faster. At the platform level, EP3 focuses on authentication and security enhancements that provide additional support for single and multi-factor authentication within the desktop client.

Content Composer Foundation EP 3 offers an improved user experience, security enhancements, and increased compatibility with Microsoft productivity applications. The release focused on the web client user interface, bringing several improvements to the user experience, including updated icons and screens, improved “document copy” functionality, support for Dutch and a new dark theme. Continuing to place the highest priority on security, this latest release features enhancements to digital certificates and a built-in encryption key. Finally, improved compatibility with Microsoft 2019 supports organizations modernization investments.

In the Brainware Foundation EP2 version, organizations will benefit from extended handwriting recognition capabilities to languages ​​other than English. Businesses can now take advantage of Microsoft’s cloud OCR engine to extract handwritten text in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. The latest version also enables 2D barcode recognition for a more efficient and customizable way to capture data, and is compatible with Oracle Database 19c.

Brainware for invoices received notable enhancements including the addition of the Automated Learning Engine (ALE) to improve extraction of 35 standard invoice header fields, SAP integration enhancements, and support for Oracle Database 19c and 2D barcode recognition found in Brainware Foundation EP2.

In the new Priority work management solution, OnBase customers in the financial services and insurance industries have the ability to get the right work to the right employee, in the right order and on the priority. By using this new, streamlined process management tool, users can improve SLAs, reduce costs, and deliver a better customer experience.

The newly launched Alfresco 7.0 Content Services Provides organizations with the most modern, cloud-native content services platform optimized for the flexibility and performance of large-scale content models. The latest improvements to Alfresco Content Services 7.0 deliver greater scalability, enhanced compliance, improved search performance, and easier upgrade paths to help organizations around the world transform their business processes and take better ownership. load remote staff.

For more information on the latest Hyland platform enhancement, visit Hyland.com/Plateforme.

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