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At this point, it’s become more or less clear that content reigns supreme, whether you’re trying to improve your brand awareness or trying to ensure that you can market specific products to the people who are interested. would be interested in it. A recent study found that customer experience matters to 60% of people when trying to decide whether or not to return to a specific site or service, and content tends to matter in this regard. .

Parsley has created a report which attempts to determine how companies are trying to tackle content creation in 2022. A survey of over 800 different marketers who focus on content creation found that more than half of companies , or 52% to be precise, now have more people creating content. However, 79% of companies still have less than ten employees who focus on creating content and the like, with larger teams being decidedly rarer.

The vast majority of content creators also said they want to start creating more content, with 80% agreeing with this statement. In fact, 32% of respondents to this survey said they wanted to try to double their rate of content creation in order to properly meet the needs of their target market.

There has also been a marked shift in the amount of money content creation receives from the total company budget. Half of companies say they have increased their content creation budget and 42% said they plan to increase it further in 2022, which could potentially make content creation a much more lucrative field than it is. has already succeeded in being so now.

The most common reason brands create content is to increase brand awareness, which 88% of respondents agree. Suffice it to say, content creation is experiencing something of a renaissance, and chances are we’ll start to see an explosion of corporate sponsored content in the coming year, which will increase considerably its profitability all along the line.

Take a look at the graphs below for more information on the importance of content in 2022.

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