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Subscription services are all the rage these days. Now an in-flight entertainment content powerhouse Global eagle is launching into the game. The company has officially launched Iris, a cost-effective In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) subscription service for airlines seeking to change the way content is sourced and managed for on-board consumption.

With Iris, our customers will provide the best entertainment experience as more and more passengers return to the sky.

– Estibaliz Asiain, Senior Vice President Commercial Media & Content

Iris leverages Global Eagle’s technology investments in digital infrastructure and cloud computing, as well as the company’s internal content distribution platform, to change the way airlines select and pay for the content that passengers see. More than 20 major airline customers have switched to the new platform ahead of the official public launch. Global Eagle expects most of its current airline customers to transition in the coming months.

Estibaliz Asiain, Senior Vice President Commercial Media & Content, sees the offer as a transformation for both the company and its customers: while reducing costs.

“Iris offers the flexibility, brand alignment and quality content that airlines need with simple pricing and cloud-based content location and delivery services,” Asiain continues.

Airline subscribers will bring passengers the best of Hollywood and international content, including new releases, classics and entertainment from brands like Warner Media & HBO Max, Disney, Lionsgate, Banijay, A24 and more. Music, podcasts, e-books, and games are also available, in addition to a large selection of non-traditional content providers.

Airline content managers have a simplified interface to manage the available content. The updated solution also helps Global Eagle reduce costs with the global digital distribution platform, bringing content closer to airlines and airplanes while providing the necessary security required by studios.

Reports suggest that some distributors have been left out, creating a crack in the content market. Hopefully, these contractual terms can be resolved to ensure that all top-tier content is once again available to airlines soon.

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