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Is hybrid operation a red flag for business security?

The “new normal” was all we heard about when it comes to the change in working model after the pandemic. Businesses around the world have embraced working from home and then the hybrid model: a balance between remote and office work. And according to a recent survey by 451 Research, nearly 80% of organizations surveyed said they have implemented or extended universal work-from-home policies in the wake of COVID-19, while 67% expect these to policies remain in place permanently or for the long term. With more and more office space vacant, the question is, is hybrid operation a red flag for business security? Empty Office Days When buildings and office spaces are still active with cutting-edge technology, equipment and assets on display, but footfall is no longer as busy as it used to be, opportunistic criminals keep a close and watchful eye on them. take note. But what are they learning? Security systems supplier Expert Security UK is investigating our new standard. Offices are nests for expensive and valuable equipment, perhaps with the latest technology. Offices are nests for expensive and valuable equipment, perhaps with the latest technology and safes, or potential stacks of cash or corporate cards. You might be thinking, well, who leaves the corporate cards or cash? You would be surprised, especially when business owners think they will never be a victim, or sometimes staff make mistakes. Hybrid Work Model And remember, burglars don’t always know what’s left and will try their luck. And when a hybrid working model is the “new normal,” it means a lack of security – at least in the mind of a thief. So how worried should business owners be? Well, the latest numbers are quite disturbing, but also, not overwhelmingly shocking. Reiterating the temptation and attraction of the change in the working model on thieves, Statista recorded a 12-year high for robbery offenses in the UK in 2019/2020. As more businesses close their doors or fire staff to home offices, it isn’t difficult to make a connection. These numbers reflect how, when given the opportunity, thieves strike and profit. Convey Vital Information Whether you’ve decided to walk away completely, it’s crucial to review and rethink your business security.However, it’s worth noting that closures and empty streets would have played a part in this spike as well, and now As we came out of closures with a world back to return its sign to “open,” many businesses will continue to work from home, but cities, shops and streets are busy again. Whether you’ve decided to move away entirely or embraced the hybrid model, it’s crucial to review and rethink your business security, starting with your social media presence. It’s a good idea to take a look at your social media channels. We forget how open we can be on social media and how our digital presence can actually serve as the perfect guide and insight for criminals. All they have to do is follow your channels for clues. And if you don’t think for a minute about what you’re offering, you can even give them vital information and help their plans. Remote Workstation Of course, there is information readily available such as your hours of operation, location, etc. But, do you want / do you really need to show off the new cutting edge tablets that you just outfitted your desk with? It can be difficult as a business, or even as a social person, not to want to share positive news on social media, but we really need to stop and think about it, especially if people know a lot about it. company and its remote work. . It’s also a good idea to have a meeting with your staff about a social media policy. Maybe share an article about that smart new security system you installed instead. It’s also a good idea to have a meeting with your staff about a social media policy or maybe just an informal discussion of best practices, for example not to tag the company in a post on their new desktop gadget, etc. Improve Business Security With fewer office days, you probably won’t need to occupy as much workspace. Perhaps some equipment has become more ornamental. Anything that you don’t use or need you can sell or give away. If you have expensive equipment lying around that isn’t being used, try to make some money out of it or store it somewhere else. If you keep a lot of expensive equipment in vacant premises, especially stationary equipment and technology, consider installing bars and shutters above windows. Whatever your budget, you can increase the security of your business tenfold with key security measures. One of them being access control. Security gates with access control are incredibly effective at preventing unauthorized people from entering. There are also parking barriers and bollards which are very effective in preventing any potential vehicle from escaping. Easily portable technology High-quality video surveillance is any business’s best friend, but you need to review it frequently High-quality video surveillance is any business’s best friend, but you need to review it frequently, especially if you have already done so perimeter check and noticed any signs of tampering or damage. Do not forget these signs either, inform visitors or intruders that they are being filmed. To adapt to the hybrid working model, static devices become redundant. For example, businesses are turning to laptops instead of computers, so workers can easily carry them to and from the office. It’s not only more efficient and convenient, but it means assets are better protected. The same goes for all other gadgets. Having easily portable technology is good for business, hybrid work, and security. Don’t forget your deterrents. Simple signs to alert people to alarms, CCTV, and even that you don’t leave equipment inside overnight can go a long way. Best Security Technology Thieves are notorious for trying their luck. Some will plan meticulously and many will strike at a convenient and opportune time. So having signs in place that show you’ve got smart, high-quality security in place can do wonders, making them think twice. It’s also worth noting that you might not have the best security technology in place right now, but those on the outside don’t need to know; they can be fooled. However, it is essential to have the best physical security in place, as the criminals are in hiding and will take risks. Keep reviewing your security, especially as your business adapts and reshapes, whether you revert to full days of office or continue the hybrid work model. This guest post was written by Danny Scholfield, Managing Director of Expert Security UK.

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