Gamactica plans to add content creation and live streaming

Gaming and streaming social media network and marketing platform Gamactica announcement of projects to add a “content creation and live streaming side” to the platform in the future.

The platform will deploy “an innovative and forward-thinking platform to stream live content, create short-form content and upload pre-recorded content, merging it with their existing technology.”

These features will be added to the platform once the organization “secures appropriate funding,” said Anthony DiMoro, CEO of Gamactica.

“Once we secure adequate funding, we want to innovate in the content creation and live streaming industries to provide a viable platform to create content, network effectively, and have the tools and resources needed to grow their brand and potentially create more avenues for monetization,” DiMoro says.

Gamactica, which launched in 2018, currently has different sections on its website for esports, game studios and developers, sports, film and television, fashion, social media influencers, music, diversity and inclusivity, military content creators, Web3, TikTok content creators, travel, horror content creators, ASMR, fitness, cosplay and cooking. How Gamactica’s current content creation features will change with these innovations hasn’t been discussed in detail, but DiMoro says that “content creation goes way beyond platforms like Twitch and TikTok, and we want to streamline all the different niches so that it creates a much more fluid and fruitful network.We want to see brands and creators from Esports and games working with those from film and fitness, for example.

“There are so many opportunities to leverage more networking and collaboration opportunities, and it’s shocking that it hasn’t been done until now,” DiMoro continues. “That’s where we made our mark.”

DiMoro also laments that SEO isn’t used in these spaces and that other platforms “don’t provide resources to help grow their creators in a way that also helps them outside of the platform.” Gamactica’s future efforts will focus on bringing these resources and tools to its users.

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Jenny T. Curlee