Edelman launches Edelman Studios content creation hub


NEW YORK: Edelman launched Edelman Studios, a global center for content creation and production.

In a world that is changing too rapidly for traditional advertising, Edelman Studios is the agency’s response to marketing investments that are slowly shifting towards advertising PR and media shrinking earned, CEO Richard Edelman said.

“We will have to tell our own stories, especially on social media platforms, and we will have to be fit for purpose,” said Edelman, adding that this move is another step in the company’s drive to become a full-fledged business. -service company. “A quarter of our global team is made up of creative, digital and analytical experts, and we will be competing aggressively in this space. ”

Jarrod Moses, CEO of DJE Holdings United Entertainment Group, will oversee Edelman Studios.

The offering will contain two main content creation elements: BlueRoom Studios and Edelman Productions.

BlueRoom Studios is an award-winning studio designed to create fast, shareable content at the intersection of news, culture and attention. Katie Walmsley, who joined the firm of Bloomberg Hawkfish data store closed, will oversee BlueRoom. Walmsley (to the right) is also an alum for Brut and CNN.

Directed by Pam Scheideler, Head of Edelman’s digital practice in the United States, Edelman Productions will focus on long-running planned content. It will run on content fueled by data and information, activated by vested, owned and paid strategies and accelerated across social and digital channels, the company said.

Content published by Edelman Studios will range from cultural education stories and episodic content that builds brands to content from influencers and celebrities.

“We are creating fast-responding content to generate immediate interest in public opinion, but first and foremost will be driven by a strategy to find out which outcome will be most effective,” said Moses.

The influence of digital and social media will be a big part of Edelman Studios’ strategy for creation and distribution, according to Moses.

“Not only will influencers be part of the delivery, but they will also be part of the creation, because they know best how to embed culture into current messages,” he said. “We will leverage the expertise not only within the Edelman fold, but also through partnerships, joint ventures and acquisitions involving influencers, entertainment developers and content creators who all live in the Edelman Studios ecosystem. “

The launch of Edelman Studios also marks the start of partnerships with VidMob and Brut. Vidmob, the smart creative platform that optimizes content to improve ROI, will amplify Edelman Studios’ focus on providing its clients with insight-driven creative work.

“The goal was to provide a much more valuable return on investment than investing in traditional media,” said Moses. “[Clients] will receive a content package and a distribution package that are also fed with information and data that makes it a lot smarter and travels a lot faster. ”

Brut, the France-based video media company, has partnered with Edelman Studios on EdelmanBrut. The project will produce short-form content for brands that will be distributed organically through channels owned and acquired by Millennials and Gen Zs and reach Brut’s global audience of 2 billion people in 57 countries.

Other partnerships on the horizon include an agreement with a major media company for wider dissemination than the younger generations targeted by Brut.

The launch of Edelman Studios is just one more step in Edelman’s plan to change the way the agency does business.

“My aspiration is that over the next five years, Edelman will look like BlueRoom,” Edelman said. “We’re going to turn our account teams into quick content producers as more and more each of our clients is working to be their own media company. ”

Edelman launched a center of excellence for food and beverage last month, with Ketchum alum Alison Borgmeyer overseeing the Chicago-based group as chief executive.

The agency recorded a 5.7% drop in turnover in 2020 to $ 840 million, not including the effect of currency fluctuations. In the United States, its organic revenue fell 4.2% to $ 531 million. These totals include billings from United Entertainment Group but not from sister company DJE Zeno Group.

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