Content creation takes off with the power of 5G

Say what you want on social media, but platforms like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok are capturing the attention of consumers around the world, no doubt thanks to their hugely diverse offerings of easy-to-consume and equally easy-to-share short videos. . Connecting audiences of all ages through their creativity and wit, these short-form social media videos have seen a surge in demand in recent years.

Convinced that 5G technology has the power to transform the way creators produce content and connect with their audiences, Singtel, the provider of Singapore’s most powerful 5G network*, has stepped up to provide them with a platform transparent. By putting the power of cutting-edge technology in the hands of these content creators, the stage is set for more high-quality digital creations.


Singtel’s past efforts to bring 5G experiences to the public have seen some enjoying the roaring courage of being an F1 driver in racing stands at Southside Sentosa and the Mandarin Gallery. Others found themselves in an underwater world with a vivid RWS SEA Aquarium livestream across the island. And for visitors to the People’s Gallery, the ability to interact with the National Gallery’s artwork has brought the rooms to life.

By partnering with Mediacorp’s social media creative studio, Bloomr.SG, Singtel aimed to empower local content creators to use apps on its 5G network.

The creators of Bloomr.SG’s MCN Accelerator program learned about the latest 5G applications at The Future of Content Creation workshop hosted by Singtel.

Thirty content creators from the inaugural Bloomr.SG Multi-Channel Network (MCN) Accelerator Program – which aims to nurture the next generation of content creators in the local media space – attended The Future of Content Creation workshop held by Singtel, where they were introduced to some of the latest applications of 5G technology. They also learned how 5G can be used in various ways to increase content production.

“I think 5G is an interesting innovation,” said Twitch gamer and YouTuber Alie. “There are many uses for 5G in cloud gaming. Maybe content creators like us can do cloud publishing in the future. »

VVT Demo
The creators of Bloomr.SG’s MCN Accelerator program got to try their hand at using volumetric video technology.

In addition to lending creators 5G devices and SIM cards, Singtel showed how volumetric video technology (VVT) was used to create holographic videos, like the one seen in Holo Jams with Rriley by Sam Willow. Using VVT, one could livestream the local singer’s augmented reality (AR) performances and transpose them into different settings, even in his living room. It allows viewing without a defined point of view, while reducing the number of cameras needed from 51 to just six.

During the workshop, the creators enjoyed an exclusive hands-on experience with VVT, which has not yet been released to the public. By harnessing the super-fast, ultra-responsive capabilities of 5G, they can now achieve better engagement with less gear.

“5G has come a long way. I think VVT opens up a lot of different ways to shoot content,” said YouTuber Cheryl Chua of Sighpiebutterflyy.

As part of Singtel’s collaboration with Mediacorp, Mr. Bill Ang, Director of Brand Marketing at Singtel, was also invited as a judge at the Mediacorp Content Creator Awards. The windmills February 11. “I think the entries that really stood out for the judges satisfied two important things – one is the content itself and the other is the craft,” he commented.


When it comes to craftsmanship itself, Singaporean designers have come a long way, charming and entertaining viewers with their personalities and stories. Harnessing the creativity of these creators to educate the public about 5G, Singtel and Bloomr.SG identified and funded selected creators through the Bloomr.SG MCN Accelerator program with a grant of S$20,000. Two teams then implemented their ideas.

One of the selected groups including Trevmonki and Let’s Talk, Folks, has produced a five-part web series Missing Piece about how Singaporeans are maintaining connections with others amid challenges during the pandemic. Another group consisting of Minimoochi, Renee Chia, Alvina Ho and Shawn Koh will explore the fun side of new and lesser-known technology in their six-episode series OMG Pranked.

OMGPranked bts
Shawn Koh films a water bottle trick for his team’s OMG Pranked series

To further show off what its 5G network can do, Singtel recently collaborated with TikTok on a fun filter with the Singtel 5G Paint Portal brush effect. It prompts users to invite a friend on a call to interact using the feature and instantly turns anything written or drawn on the screen into an AR effect. Special effects invoke more compelling interactions between parties and show how 5G is changing the way we connect.

In the hands of creators like Mingweirocks, the filter became his latest tool to trick his dad into doodling on himself. Others like Theaidilone painted an impromptu outdoor nightclub scene near Marina Bay Sands while his friend danced. Such moments of spontaneous creation are now possible wherever you are, thanks to the ultra-coherent 5G network.


In addition to supporting digital content creators, Singtel has also helped talented street musicians in Singapore, many of whom have lost their stage in the streets as a result of the pandemic.

The telecommunications company has partnered with creative agency BLKJ Havas and Mediacorp to launch Buskermercials, a platform for businesses to leverage these musical talents to promote their products and services. Singtel commissioned buskers to produce two jingles about its 5G capabilities, which were played on local radio.

By providing new platforms and pushing the boundaries of content creation, Singtel is showing that its 5G network is not just a technical upgrade, but also the gateway to realizing the creative aspirations of those local talent.

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*Based on Ookla’s analysis of Speedtest Intelligence Q3-4 2021 data. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.

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Jenny T. Curlee