Content Creation and Delivery Reinvented with Digital Infrastructure


Leveraging the three components of digital infrastructure helps content and digital media companies gain a competitive advantage by being wherever their customers are, when their services are in demand. Deploying a digital infrastructure enables businesses to deliver immersive experiences, scale with market imperatives, and quickly expand to other geographies.

  • Interconnection at the heart of digital This is where companies establish corporate networks, regional and multi-cloud back-end data infrastructure locations. Content and digital media companies can use these “central metros” to provide capacity between networks, clouds, XaaS providers and their digital infrastructure. Deploying digital infrastructure in these carrier-neutral locations removes traditional technology limitations.
  • Interacting at the digital frontier is where companies connect the physical and digital worlds by deploying their digital infrastructure at the sites with the greatest digital engagement. Organizations can connect to customers, edge devices, and places of business and participate in local marketplaces in edge metros. Whether it’s supporting a vibrant mobile workforce, developing business-relevant information, or delivering differentiated experiences, there are many reasons why content and digital media to position their infrastructure at the digital edge.
  • Integration into digital ecosystems helps companies tap into the largest business ecosystems, enabling them to drive innovation and outpace the competition. Content and digital media companies that combine direct access to the digital ecosystem with the power of an interconnected digital infrastructure can quickly generate new value through the integration of SaaS, data marketplaces and services commercial.

Increase flexibility with interconnect-oriented architecture

Forward-thinking enterprises are designing their digital infrastructure around points of interconnection, unlocking greater flexibility and more opportunities for business growth. We call this consistent deployment model Interconnection Oriented Architecture® (IOA®). Unlike traditional, centralized IT infrastructure, IOA enables businesses to respond quickly to change and thrive in the digital economy.

Interconnection connects everything digital: core, edge and ecosystems. Content and digital media companies can connect private and public clouds, physical and virtual infrastructure, and merge data sources, enabling content creators to scale production, interconnect with more partners, improve the customer experience and innovate for the future.

Capitalize on the deployment of digital infrastructure from a single platform

By deploying digital infrastructure in Platform Equinix® core and edge locations, content and digital media companies gain access to our vast, interconnected ecosystems of network, cloud and IT companies, partners and service providers. Our portfolio of digital services can help content and digital media companies deploy digital infrastructure that enables fast and secure content delivery to deliver exceptional user experiences at the digital core and edge.

To learn more about how media and entertainment companies are adopting new digital strategies, read IDC’s white paper “A digital ecosystem approach to support a new era of broadcasting” today.

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Jenny T. Curlee