Ceros Studio aims to streamline interactive content design


Ceros is a code-less solution that enables businesses to design and publish interactive digital experiences that drive engagement and sales. Ceros Studio offers complete creative control for marketers and designers to create, collaborate, and update content in real time.

Details of the back of the box

Ceros Studio aims to enable complete creative control for marketers and designers to collaborate, create and publish interactive content. With Ceros, teams can create pixel-perfect layouts on a free-form canvas (or from a library of templates), add interactions and animations to bring their content to life, drag and drop the content from their favorite sites and publish directly to the web with a push of a button.

Other features include the ability to:

  • Import and convert files from Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch;
  • Preview real-time experiences on different platforms and devices; and
  • Access millions of Getty images and videos right from the Studio.

Who is it for

Ceros is designed for marketing and design teams in midsize to large businesses looking to drive real engagement and stand out from the competition using interactive content.

What it solves

Marketers have historically been constrained by restrictive CMS platforms and static content formats, while designers have relied on developers to bring their visions to life. Ceros is designed to unleash their creativity and enable them to create exceptional interactive content at every point of touch.

What makes it special

Ceros Studio provides teams with an ecosystem of powerful software, inspiration, education, services, and support to help them stand out in a crowded digital landscape, as well as better understand exactly how their audience interacts with their audience. contents.



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Jenny T. Curlee