Brands are turning to influencers for content creation rather than production agencies


Brands are turning to influencers for content creation to benefit production agencies according to new research from Evidence.

With agencies temporarily closed and shoots cancelled, brands are turning to influencers for content creation to benefit production agencies according to a study by marketing agency Obviously.

Obviously analyzed 7.5 million Instagram posts, 260 campaigns and 2,200 TikTok influencers to better understand how people are using social media during this unprecedented time.

Now that the coronavirus is disrupting the way brands operate, they are turning to influencers and are happy with the quality, better content performance and profitability. Creators are already ready to work from home and are used to producing high-quality content on a low budget.

The report found a 33% increase in the number of brands looking to hire influencers to create their photo and video assets. Brands have also seen a 50% reduction in creative costs on average when working with influencers instead of a production studio, and see a 40% increase in ad performance of influencer-created content in social ads.

As people stay home and turn to social media for entertainment, education, socialization and well-being, it’s no surprise that the demand for content has increased.

“Influencers can have a huge impact right now. People are stuck at home and scrolling more than ever,” the report points out.

When it comes to preferred media, influencers said they are experimenting the most with Instagram Stories, and nearly a quarter host more Instagram Live streams.

“It’s really important to go live and post stories regularly and continue to give people some normality in their feeds,” one influencer said in the report.

Meanwhile, 24% said they joined TikTok during quarantine, and 67% of respondents create and consume TikTok content. Influencers said they enjoyed the lightweight challenges and sense of community the platform offers.

Evidently, 97% of their influencer network said they post about brands and causes they care about, and 8% said they would participate in a charity campaign without compensation.

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Jenny T. Curlee