Blippar brings AR content creation and collaboration to Microsoft Teams



This new integration gives Microsoft Teams users access to the Blippbuilder platform, making it easier for creators and businesses to create and share augmented reality content together.

LONDON, June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blipbyone of the leading technology and content platforms specializing in augmented reality (AR), announced the integration of Blippbuilderits no-code AR authoring tool, in Microsoft Teams. The launch builds on Blippar’s key goal of empowering everyone, from novices with no coding experience to experienced developers, to create immersive, 3D, and augmented experiences. Teams’ 270 million monthly active users can now collaborate, experiment, create and share AR projects that work anywhere, quickly and effortlessly.

Blippbuilder, the company’s no-code AR platform, is the first of its kind to combine drag-and-drop functionality with SLAM, allowing creators to any level to create realistic and immersive AR experiences. Absolute beginners can drop objects into a project that, once published, will stay firmly in place thanks to Blippar’s exclusive surface detection. These experiences will serve as the foundation for the interactive content that will make up the metaverse.

Blippbuilder includes access to tutorials and best practice guides to familiarize users with AR creation, taking them from concept to content. Experiences are designed to be engaged through a browser – known as WebAR – eliminating friction and dependency on dedicated apps or hardware. WebAR experiences are accessible through a wide range of platforms, including Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, WeChat, WhatsApp, as well as conventional web and mobile browsers.

Teams users can integrate Blippbuilder directly into their existing workflow. Designed for creators and collaborators, whether they are product managers, designers, creative agencies, clients or colleagues, organizations can be united in their approach and implementation, all within Teams. The functionality of adaptive cards, single sign-on and notifications, as well as real-time feedback and approvals, provides immediate transparency and seamless integration from inception to distribution. Adding tooltips, support features, and starter projects also lets teams start creating right away.

“The existing process of creating and publishing augmented reality for businesses, agencies and brands is splintered. Companies are forced to use multiple tools and services to support collaboration, feedback, reviews, updates, approvals, and project completion,” said Faisal Galaria, CEO of Blippar. “By bringing Blippbuilder to Microsoft Teams, workflows, including team channels and group chats, we’re making it easier than ever to collaborate, create, and share amazing AR experiences with our partners at Teams” .

Using the powerful storytelling and immersive capabilities of augmented reality, everyday subjects, objects and content, from packaging, virtual products, advertisements and e-commerce, to clothing and artwork, can be “digitally activated” and transformed into creative, engaging elements and interactive three-dimensional possibilities.

Concrete examples include:

  • Bring educational content to life, enabling collaborative and immersive learning

  • View and discuss architectural models and plans with clients

  • Enable product trials and 3D visualization in e-commerce stores

  • Create immersive onboarding and training content

  • Present and discuss interior design and event ideas

  • Bring print media and product packaging to life

  • Artists and illustrations can redefine the meaning of three-dimensional artwork

In today’s environment of increasingly sophisticated user experiences, customers are looking to advance their technologies in efficient and collaborative ways. Access to a comprehensive AR creation platform is a feature that will keep Microsoft Teams users at the forefront of their industries. Blippbuilder in Teams is the type of solution that will help customers improve the quality and efficiency of their AR build process.

Blippar also offers a developer creation tool, its WebAR SDK. While Blippbuilder for Teams is designed to be an accessible and fast entry point for millions of new users, following this AR validation, organizations can move towards building experiences with the Blippar SDK. The enterprise platform offers the most advanced implementation of SLAM and marker tracking, as well as integrations with leading 3D frameworks including A-Frame, PlayCanvas, and Babylon.js.

Blippbuilder is now available in Microsoft Teams; try the app and learn more here.

About Blippar
Using state-of-the-art AR design technology, Blippar is leading the way in the three-dimensional digital revolution. Their SaaS tools and in-house studio are designed to enable everyone – from bedroom developers to advanced creators and brands – to create, experience and share accessible AR from anywhere in the world, directly in a mobile browser .

Blippar offers two distinct AR self-build options: Blippbuilder, the easy-to-use yet powerful “AR for everyone” building platform, and WebAR SDK, the advanced development toolkit for enterprise users. Immersive augmented reality experiences powered by Blippar’s SaaS tools can be accessed from any smartphone or “head-mounted” device, putting the potential of augmented reality in everyone’s hands.

Studio B creates award-winning experiences in a comprehensive range of industries from e-commerce, CPG and entertainment to tourism and education. Clients include Google, PepsiCo, Rockstar Energy, OnePlus, Hulu, General Mills and P&G, to name a few.

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