Become an influencer: video and photo content creation tools to get you on the right track


Would you believe it if I told you that content creation is the most time consuming aspect of an influencer? Probably not, because we are often not aware of it. So it may take a while, but with the prevalence of content creators, we’ve seen an abundance of content creation tools become available.

Content creation tools are applications and devices that allow you to create content. In between, approaching brands, determining your content pillars, and then having a life, you want content creation to be the least stressful thing you do as an influencer. How you use the tools at your disposal will determine the effectiveness of your content creation process as an influencer. In this edition of Become an Influencer, we’re going to dig deeper into some content creation tools for video and photo content.

Pre-creation of content

Before you start creating content, it’s a good idea to have a plan / strategy. Think about what you would like to achieve in a time frame and create your content around that goal. For example, as a fashion influencer, your goal may be to attract brands that stand for sustainable fashion.

Therefore, while staying within your content pillars, you can create content that talks about sustainable fashion. The main idea here, as discussed in the previous series, is to distinguish between your organic content and your sponsored content transparently.

To make sure that you are consistent and that you don’t create content ad hoc, you’ll want to create your content in batches. It’s idealizing what your content should look like in the coming month and creating it all in a matter of hours. Here are some tools you might need for that.

● Good quality cell phone or camera
● A tripod
● Good illumination / ring light
● A change of clothes.
● Content ideas.

Post-Content Creation

Once you are done creating your content, you may or may not need to edit it depending on your priorities. If the aesthetics of the yarn are important to you, you can apply filters to the photos taken to create uniformity or if you want to highlight a sense of authenticity, you can leave the photos as they are. The most important thing is that your photos are of good quality. Here are some mobile photo and video editing apps, which have proven to be useful for me.


● Snapseed
● Lightroom
● Picsart
● Photoshop express
● Lightroom presets
● Panorama
● Movement jump


● Shooting
● Cut the top

Adding subtitles

● Autocap

Once you’re done editing your content, another way to be more efficient with your content creation process is to schedule your posts. By scheduling your posts, you know what gets published on what day, and you can prepare captions and hashtags in advance before they get published. This saves a lot of time and avoids the panic and frustration that often comes with posting content at a specific time. Examples of some planning applications:

● Planoly
● Planning
● Later
● Tweet

Content creation is a vital process in your influencer marketing efforts. Your content is the first thing brands see when they land on your page before they consider anything else. Use these tools to make your life easier. So what are you waiting for? experiment. The results may shock you.

A little reminder though, you might not be good with apps on your first few tries, but stick with it. You will improve over time. In our next and final edition of the Becoming an Influencer series, we will be discussing approaching brands and being approached by brands. Until then, maintain the positive influence.

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Jenny T. Curlee