Aurora World, a content creation company, implements Swit as an enterprise-wide collaboration solution

– Aurora World creates licensed toys and entertainment for children around the world, including animation and stuffed animals. They have adopted Swit company-wide as a collaboration solution that enables their employees to communicate more effectively and increase their productivity.

– Swit is enterprise software that combines chat and tasks in one application. They have already secured more than 37,000 customers in 184 countries, including Korean Air, Central (CTR), Timon and many more in South Korea.

SAN FRANCISCO, November 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Josh lee, CEO of Swit, a Silicon Valley-based enterprise software company, announces the implementation of its B2B team collaboration platform by Aurora World, a global leader in the plush toy industry that designs, manufactures and distributes high-quality, branded products and original animation programs in nearly 200 countries. CEOs of Aurora World, Ki-seon Hong and Jae-yeon Roh, Adopt Swit to Improve Employee Productivity Across the Company.

Swit enterprise-wide collaboration solution adopted by global content creator Aurora World.

Swit is a working operating system that streamlines collaboration essentials like team chat and task management in a single hub to improve productivity, collaboration and transparency between cross-functional teams within a business. By combining these functions into a single platform, Swit supports both team communication as well as company-wide coordination between departments.

Aurora World, which creates animated and character content for Netflix worldwide, is expanding its business by growing its global marketing presence and diversifying its content products. Aurora World has undertaken several digital transformation (DT) efforts over the past four years to better manage its tasks. They continue to work on their digital transformation by adopting Swit in the workplace, offering their employees a solution to increase productivity.

An industry-leading global character content company, Aurora World started using Swit in October after a month of pilot testing and internal training. Aurora World chose Swit as their one-stop solution to replace several applications, including Slack and Jira, which they previously used for communication and work management between employees. Swit will be used by Aurora world employees all over the world.

Swit not only combines team chat and task management, but also integrates and manages essential work functions such as file sharing, messaging integration, scheduling, calendar management, video conferencing to using Zoom and Google Meet; and editing documents in Google Workspace and MS Office 365. It is the premier productivity platform to help speed up workflow within a business, and is already adopted by global companies like Korean Air, Central (CTR) and Timon in South Korea.

CEO of Aurora World Roh jae-yeon says, “We used multiple messaging apps such as email, Kakao Talk, and Slack, as well as various job management tools, including Jira, separately for each department. However, these separate programs interfere with communication between teams and incur physical costs. in “management for the management of work”. Global, enterprise-wide collaboration will be easier with the integration of messaging, business functions and Google Workspace into a single app – as if it were a single product – as well as the upcoming addition of the approval function (available now). “

“As each team has a different workflow, Aurora World knew that company-wide collaboration was impossible without transparency between teams ” Josh lee, CEO and co-founder of Swit, explains. “Eliminating the information and data silos caused by different departments in the business using different tools had to be a priority in order to streamline collaboration across the enterprise. In order to change the collaboration platform, Swit had to inspire a productive employee culture and increase the organization This was made possible thanks to the CEO Roh jae-Yeon’s desire to make his team more productive and the confidence that employees have in his leadership. According to Aurora world organizational capabilities and talent management strategy, they were looking for an employee productivity platform with a singular data model that could simultaneously lead conversations and run the business. “

Swit began to gain attention in the global enterprise software market by winning the Growth Startup of the Year (Grand Prix) award at the Startup Grind Global Conference 2020, the world’s largest startup community. It was selected as the “most promising remote work technology solution” by CIO review magazine and is growing rapidly, already securing 37,000 global customers in 184 countries.

Swit heart logo (PRNewsfoto / Swit)

Swit heart logo (PRNewsfoto / Swit)



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