Atlanta Falcons’ New Ticketmaster Studios Will Enable Year-Round Content Creation


The new space contains a main studio, a secondary studio and a podcast studio.courtesy of the atlanta hawks

The Atlanta Falcons’ growing content team will get some shiny new digs this fall when AMB Sports and Entertainment opens Ticketmaster Studios at the Flowery Branch, Georgia team training facility. The approximately 9,500 square foot, multi-million dollar studio will help the Falcons meet their growing need to produce more content throughout the year, not just during football season.

“Now was the time for us to make a significant investment,” Falcons chief revenue officer Tim Zulawski said, “not just in the space, but in the opportunity to create a content engine machine to try to satisfy the thirst of our fandom.”

Only a handful of NFL teams have intentionally built content studios and the Falcons are the first with a naming rights partner. The studio’s naming rights were included in the team’s renewal with Ticketmaster in June, which made ticketing company AMBSE the 13th founding partner. Zulawski did not reveal the financial details of the deal or the value of the naming rights, but he said none of the other founding partners’ deals were for less than a decade.

“We talked about a bunch of creative and strategic ways to continue to grow and do things differently,” said Clay Luter, Ticketmaster’s executive vice president and co-head of sports. “As they were building the studio, this room came up and looked interesting. Content consumption is different than it has ever been before and we are seeing that in the live event space.”

Fan demand is clear and supports the Falcons’ case for taking on the project some 16 months ago. The team saw a 90% year-over-year increase in video views during the NFL’s main offseason window (April-June) this year compared to 2021. The biggest jump is occurred on Facebook, where the Falcons saw a 255% growth in video views during the second quarter of 2022.

In 2021, the Falcons surpassed 100,000 subscribers on YouTube; the team prioritized YouTube as the top video delivery platform and saw a 44% increase in video views in 2021. Draft content was the main driver of the increase in views . Long-form videos also outperformed on the platform.

The Falcons declined to say how many people work on the content team, which is led by Scott Kegley, vice president of digital strategy, who joined the team in June after holding a similar role with the Vikings. Minnesota.

Before designing their studio, the Falcons visited the facilities of other NFL teams, as well as those of Home Depot. The retailer has a massive content studio at its Atlanta headquarters, which it uses largely for internal communications with employees. Zulawski said AMBSE will use its studios for similar purposes, should the need arise.

Ticketmaster Studios was designed by Atlanta-based architecture firm Rule Joy Trammell + Rubio LLC, and Whiting-Turner served as the contractor. The space, located right next to the Falcons’ training grounds, contains a main studio, secondary studio, podcast studio, outdoor patio and an NFL Network-specific interview room. The studio has connectivity to Mercedes-Benz Stadium in downtown Atlanta, as well as its own fully operational control rooms for video and podcasts, so multiple productions can take place simultaneously.

Ticketmaster will also have access to the studio. Zulawski said other current and potential AMBSE sponsors are keenly interested in the Falcons’ studio and overall content strategy.

“The demand for digital content within their relationship on the pie chart is growing tremendously,” he said. “I’m old enough to know when signage was the big thing, then it was the moneyless experiences, then it was this, then it was that. Now, companies and entities are smart enough to realize that if they can pull some equity from their sports franchise towards their brand, that’s a way to cut through the clutter.

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Jenny T. Curlee