AP Content Services expands in Asia


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AP Content Services works with brands and advertisers around the world to create and distribute authentic, impactful and informative content in video, text and photos across the AP distribution network.

Customers can distribute their own paid content on AP Wire, APNews.com, the AP News app, and AP branded social media accounts.

AP Content Services is separate from the editorial operations of the AP newsroom and the content created does not involve the editorial staff of AP.

“We are excited to expand our AP Content Services offerings to our customers in Asia,” said Chie Tsuda, Sales Director for Tokyo-based AP Content Services Asia. “From Japan to South Korea, our Asian customers can reach audiences all over the world through AP’s extensive distribution network.

Tsuda oversees AP content services. A 13-year veteran of the PA, she has led several projects in Japan, including:

  • Custom videos highlighting Osaka before the G20 summit in Osaka 2019, including an introduction to Osaka, a spotlight on businesses in the region, and a dive into iPS cell research conducted at Kyoto University.
  • Personalized video, native advertising and social media posts highlighting karate, historical monuments and regional iconography to promote the Okinawa Convention and Tourism Bureau to an international audience.

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Jenny T. Curlee