5 content creation tools for training teams


Since five years, Mimeo produced an annual report State of learning and development report, and a constant conclusion is that training teams are tiny. In fact, over the past four years we’ve found that over 70% of teams have fewer than 10 people. Additionally, as discussed in our recent article with ATD, an overwhelming number of training teams do not outsource. You are all disjointed players who do everything yourselves to make learning and development useful.

From our headquarters at Mimeo as a distributor of print and digital content, we can see a specific slice of your production: the training material. Here are five tools our clients (besides Mimeo!) Use for a lean and efficient content creation process:

This is for digital documents, such as internal sheets or PDF binders. It’s easier to train someone to use software or an app when you can show rather than tell. And it’s a lot easier when you have simple screenshot technology.

Use ScreenToGIF to easily save your screen with GIF file as output. With this app downloaded, you just need to record your screen, edit it and export it to a GIF or video file.

Speaking of videos, Powtoon makes it easy to create animated videos in a drag and drop editor. I have used it a lot for marketing videos, ranging from explanations to pseudo-ads. Trainers love it because it has characters, scenes, and even standard music and video footage. Plus, they have friendly pricing options and a really fun tone of voice.

This one is less about creating content and more about verifying your content. No matter what you are trying to cover in face-to-face classes, your training material will include written content. Spelling and grammar question. Grammarly is your friendly eighth grade English teacher who reads over your shoulder to tell you exactly how you make a mistake and what to do to correct it.

Complex concepts are often best expressed in charts or infographics. Piktochart makes it easy to visualize your data in charts that can be published to the web or packaged for printing. It comes with templates, stock images and icons, and a drag and drop editor. All you need is data or a concept.

power point
Most training teams don’t have access to, or the skills to use, high-end design software. But PowerPoint is a great design tool for any element, not just slides. Learn more about its use as a design center in this online seminar.

To be successful as a small team, you need to have the right toolkit. These are just five of the many tools trainers use to work harder, not smarter. What are your favorites?

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Jenny T. Curlee