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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Wistia, a leader in the video and podcast hosting space, today announced a series of videos, Show business, that will give marketers and creative teams the tips and strategies needed to start producing video or podcast shows. Marketing strategies evolve during the pandemic as businesses seek to develop brand affinity and better connections with their audiences across platforms, rather than simply focusing on driving conversions. In fact, impactful, scripted lengthy videos have seen tremendous growth as brands seek to establish a more loyal connection and audience. that of Wistia Video Status Report 2021 found that the number of videos in the 30-60 minute category in 2020 increased 140% year-over-year and 446% since 2016, highlighting the increased investment in long-form content then as more and more companies adopt video series.

Show business is a free 20-episode video series that empowers marketers to create compelling content and build brand affinity. The series instills marketers with the skills and confidence they need to improve their company’s marketing strategy.

The videos are short and easy to digest, and the series is divided into four parts: development, pre-production, production, and promotion. From identifying your audience, to creating the concept of the show, to pre- and post-production, to finally creating the hype and launching the show, the series features over 15 professionals and influencers. television, web series and podcast production industries. with Wistia content creation, branding and marketing experts.

“There is an audience for everything, but you have to create content that adds value for that audience; otherwise, they won’t care, ”said Chris Lavigne, production manager at Wistia and one of the main creators of Show business. “Creating a show around a product is just an infomercial. Show business supports marketers at every stage of the show’s creation journey, from finding your niche to building a brand around the show, including its launch. This gives marketers the tactics to create a show that keeps audiences coming back for more. And, more importantly, they’ll actually care about who your business is and what you do. We call this brand affinity and it’s the deepest way to connect with your audience. ”

Show business also marks Wistia’s first customer training and certification experience course, which will allow marketers to experiment and create content that tells the story of their brand. Throughout the series, participants will have access to free downloadable worksheets, presentations and checklists that reinforce the topics covered. A quiz at the end will certify the participants of the “Creating a Brand Show” and include a shareable certification logo that can be used on LinkedIn and other professional profiles. This certification will be the first step in helping marketers feel confident to create content that drives brand engagement and affinity for their business.

“You can make a great show with just a few dozen to a few hundred passionate subscribers who religiously follow whatever you do. I like real fans rather than big subscribers,” explained Rand fish skin, CEO and co-founder, SparkToro en Show business episode two: Find your niche. Fishkin appears in several episodes of Show business share tips and lessons learned from own experience creating and launching shows targeting niche audiences. When establishing his first company, Moz, Fishkin launched Whiteboard Fridays, a series of videos that broke down complex Search Engine Optimization (SEO) concepts. It ultimately became Moz’s most successful series targeting a very specific niche audience that was looking for this type of educational content.

The last part of the series, Promotion, is perhaps the most important part for marketers. From creating backing material to the channel in which the content and the show will air, this step can make or break the launch’s success and, inevitably, the show’s return on investment.

“A show can only be started once, so you have to get it right the first time,” said Mykim Dang, executive producer, video at America’s Test Kitchen, which is also featured throughout Show business. Dang has helped launch over 15 episodic shows and helped ATK grow to over one million subscribers. “Every day of the week before a show’s launch, my team takes the backing down to let people know what’s to come. A launch without a tease or pre-launch will not be a success.” Dang shares key strategies and tactics for creating and launching shows using real life examples of his team’s work at ATK.

While it’s best to watch the series in order, attendees can decide which videos would be most helpful in their content creation journey and can also browse bonus footage and exclusive content to further ease the creation process. . To learn more about Show business and to access the series, visit wistia.com/show-business.

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