Snapchat launches new ‘Story Studio’ app to make it easier to create video content


Snapchat launched a new Story Studio App to selected users, which provides a simplified and streamlined way to create more complex vertical videos, which you can then upload to the main app.

First announced at its Partner Summit in May, Story Studio gives users access to a range of deeper editing tools to create more complex video clips.

As explained by Break:

“Use frame-accurate cropping, splitting, and timing tools for perfect edits.” Add layers and captions to tell your story, then snapchat sounds. Try the latest Lens everyone is talking about and add smooth transitions from video to video. When you’re ready to share, send it to Snapchat to share on your Story or on Spotlight.

As mentioned, videos created in the app can then be exported to the main Snapchat app, while users can also download and share them on other platforms if they wish.

Interestingly, Meta also recently launched its Spark AR Go app, which facilitates simplified AR creation.

Spark AR Go

Story Studio isn’t AR-focused, but it’s interesting to see both platforms releasing new simplified authoring apps, which have no doubt been pushed to align with the holidays, and increased use of social apps.

Although access to Story Studio is limited. As reported by The Verge, right now, the application is only available in “first version” for iOS users in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

Still, it could be a handy tool to have around, especially for those looking to use Snapchat for brand promotion and marketing purposes.

Those who can access the Story Studio app can view it here.

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Jenny T. Curlee