Reach Chief: Curation ‘as important’ as content creation in 2022


A regional editorial director predicted curation “will become as important in newsrooms as content creation” this year.

Ed Walker, Audience and Content Director for Reach Regionals, shared his belief as one of the many trends he believes will manifest in journalism in 2022.

Ed, pictured, made the prediction after claiming that more ‘discovery platforms’ such as Apple News, Facebook’s ‘Suggested For You’ and Google Discover will appear over the next 12 months.

Written on his personal bloghe also pointed to the example of Google Showcase, which has seen the tech giant pay regional publishers for their content, and wondered if other such licensing deals could be considered.

Ed wrote: “Linked to the above, will curation become as important in newsrooms as content creation. We have always placed great importance on finding the exclusive story and extracting those nuggets of news and information.

“And we’ve always had people handling that news — editors, contractors, page planners, whatever you want to define them.

“Will the rise of discovery platforms mean that curation will become a must-have department or skill in newsrooms in 2022?

“Whether it’s creating a fantastic email newsletter, writing a great push notification, or submitting a selection of stories to a third-party platform like Google Showcase, being able to handle a mix of content timely and interesting will be a must-have skill.”

Among other predictions, Ed also believes journalists engaged in “first-person” reporting will be “rewarded” over the next year.

He wrote: “Journalists who are able to report, and who also show they are reporting, will be rewarded in 2022.

“The age-old thing was ‘don’t become the story’, but increasingly the journalists who give the information behind the headlines – through social media, newsletters or insider articles – are the ones to whom people turn to and trust when the big news comes.

“And not just being serious about first-person plays, it could be anything from trying out the biggest breakfast in town to driving a new electric car around the square.”

“We will see first-person becoming an important part of the story mix and skill set of any journalist.”

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Jenny T. Curlee