November 5 Dota 2 Patch – Content Analysis

Frontal modifications

Change logs

Dota 2 Update – November 5, 2014

  • The Match Ready dialog now works during a bot match.
  • Fixed effects attached to Whale Blade, Kantusa, and several other items not always displaying correctly
  • Improved network performance with various multi-target attacks (like Cleave)
  • Various ambient weapon effects of Phantom Assassin have been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent low end settings from displaying effects correctly
  • Beacons with aura such as Juggernaut’s Healing Beacon, Tusk’s Seal, Pugna’s Netherward, and more. Now correctly stop ambient effects when they expire or are killed.
  • Fixed Phoenix not being selectable in CD
  • Various path fixes
  • Activated creation of local lobbies with 5v5 bots
  • Fixed the Hero Guide submission.
  • Fixed a bug with the Terrorblade Arcana where the portrait colors were wrong after respawning.
  • Fixed a bug with Terrorblade Arcana where Terrorblade would lose its wings after respawning in some cases, such as after swapping from a player who did not own the Arcane.
  • Fixed a bug that caused custom particle effects generated by animations, like Juggernaut’s critical hit, to only display the default.

Dota 2 Update – November 3, 2014

  • Redesigned how broadcaster voice audio is handled in DotaTV and replays to keep the audio more in sync and also improve the experience when variable latency or high packet loss is involved.

Updates to the messaging model

Prismatic Drake

The eye of the flying version of the Prismatic Drake has been fixed, meaning it will now flash correctly in-game instead of looking derpy.


New League Pass Packs

GG League Season 2

16 professional teams compete for the prize pool of $ 1,500. This bundle grants the Bedrock Serenity Earth Spirit set and access to GG League Season 2 games.

Includes the Bedrock Serenity Earth Spirit set

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In game updates

Local lobbies

You can now create a local lobby with 5v5 bots without encountering any issues.

No legend provided

Hero Guides

The submission process in the client has now been corrected.

No legend provided
No legend provided
No legend provided

Path corrections

Several path fixes have been applied including a fix to hunt heroes around the tower. RIP fails of the week.

Back-end changes

User interface updates

Simple loan

A new command now exists to use an alternate simplified prep dialog instead of the current default. This will remove all transition and hover effects.

dota_simple_ready_up “1”


Particle updates

Mirana’s particles

The particles for Mirana’s mount that came with the DotaCinema Captains Draft pack show that there is still an effect to attach to the legs, but the leg effect is final, leaving behind an imprint instead of a flame.

No legend provided
No legend provided

Kunkka particles

Kunkka has a new set of core particle effects for his Tidebringer, Torrent, and X abilities. They also include an additional set to visually see the effect by placing creep or hero models.

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Other changes

DotaCinema HUD Skin

The DotaCinema HUD has been updated with a new center panel to address the issue of heroes with more than four abilities.

No legend provided

The minimap on the glowing version of the HUD has also been updated to remove the glow from the bottom of the minimap.

No legend provided

Workshop updates

Venomancer’s SMD files for its service are now available in vpk files.

No legend provided

Arcana of the Phantom Assassin

More references for working on Phantom Assassin’s Arcana have been added with a new VMT file.

No legend provided


A new batch of vscript lua files has been added to VPKs.

No legend provided

Predictions for the next hero

Pit Lord's tears are real.
Pit Lord’s tears are real.

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