New content screening platform advances high-content analytics for cancer applications


New high-content screening software platform enables cancer researchers to learn more about basic and advanced cellular functions to accelerate cellular research. The Thermo Scientific HCS Studio 2.0 is a high-content quantitative imaging and analysis software platform for a range of cancer research applications, including angiogenesis and migration / invasion, as well as development three-dimensional models of cancer stem cells and spheroid tumors.

The new Thermo Scientific HCS Studio 2.0, together with Thermo Scientific high content analysis platforms, are increasingly used in cancer biology as they are well suited for large scale and high throughput biology including complex morphological analyzes of cells, cell structure and aggregations of cells in colonies, but simple enough to be applied to daily tests such as viability and proliferation.

Thermo Scientific HCS Studio 2.0 and ArrayScan XTI High Content Analysis (HCA) platform will be on display at the 105th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) (Booth # 1107), April 5-9, 2014 , at the San Diego Convention. Center.

“The challenges posed by complex cancer applications and cell models demand new types of quantitative analysis techniques, and our new software continues to provide researchers with innovative analysis techniques and features, enabling new discoveries to be made. using complex cell models, ”said Scott Keefer, Product Manager. Cell Marketing, Imaging and Analysis, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “With our new HCS Studio 2.0 software, coupled with the Thermo Scientific ArrayScan XTI HCA Infinity enabled configuration for 3D confocal imaging, our customers can process more assay types and cells than ever before while handling the complexities of the technology. high-content with task-oriented, software.

Equipped with a validated image processing tool and a powerful yet simple user interface, the HCS Studio 2.0 provides researchers with innovative analysis techniques and features, enabling new discoveries using complex cell models. .

Additional features include:
• Directed analysis or full development environment: choose from validated analyzes or custom design with a full suite of image processing tools
• Simple interactive tools for assay optimization: advanced user tools to improve the performance and accuracy of image analysis on cells
• Seamless integration: Works with Thermo Scientific high content imaging platform software for a scalable quantitative cell analysis platform

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