Jellyfish presents Optics, an automated content analysis tool


Baltimore: Jellyfish, a digital partner of some of the world’s biggest brands, is expanding its digital offering with the introduction of Optics: Creative Intelligence, an automated creative content analysis tool. The solution uses the Google Cloud Vision API to make recommendations for existing video and dynamic ads correlated with performance by automating the process of analyzing all of a brand’s creatives.


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Several brands, including UGG, have started optimizing ad creatives with support from Jellyfish Optics. Using automated analysis, UGG was able to identify higher click-through rates (CTRs) on various images and integrate the results into new display ads. The recommendations provided by Optics are actionable and measurable, with UGG seeing a 26% increase in CTR after analysis.

“By working with Google Cloud and the Jellyfish Data Science team, we were able to unlock powerful insights into our data that give us a much better basis for testing future ad campaigns,” said Michelle Hernandez, Senior Manager, Omni Digital Marketing at Deckers Brands.

“We are delighted to be the first Google partner to offer this service on a large scale. The Google Vision API automates the analysis process that is otherwise impossible at large scale with human analysis alone,” said James Parker, Director solutions at Jellyfish. “Our customers who have used the new features have been impressed with the concrete recommendations we have been able to provide.

Manually analyzing the creative components of ads is time consuming and expensive for brands. The new Optics: Creative Intelligence solution enables a massive amount of historical ads to be analyzed to inform a data-driven approach to future creative strategy. The technology can identify the performance of specific characteristics of display ads by analyzing face detection, dominant color detection, object detection, logo detection, as well as copy and call analysis. action. The technology also makes it possible to analyze custom attributes at an additional cost.

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Currently available for static ads served through Campaign Manager, Optics can help develop a creative test plan with data-driven insights. Data insights can be leveraged to inspire new creative strategies that can be applied to video, dynamic creation, and more. Optics can also inform creative best practices at the brand level

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