Epic Games partners with Autodesk to make real-time content creation more accessible


Epic Games has announced a new strategic partnership with Autodesk. The two companies have joined forces to accelerate the creation of real-time 3D content across multiple industries.

The goal of the collaboration is to accelerate “real-time, immersive experiences across industries, starting with architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC),” Epic Games says in ad.

According to the company’s vice president of the Unreal Engine ecosystem, Marc Petit, the partnership will give creators more opportunities to innovate.

“By tapping into Epic’s ecosystem of real-time 3D tools and libraries, creatives can spend more time bringing their designs to life and less time stumbling through complex data and technical workflows,” did he declare.

How will creators benefit from this partnership?

  • Epic has given Autodesk Revit subscribers free access to its Twinmotion tool. Revit is a solution for designing and building infrastructure projects, while Twinmotion helps create real-time visualizations for different consumer products.
  • Companies want to make it easier for creators to produce content across design, entertainment, and manufacturing.
  • Epic Games and Autodesk also plan to expand their collaborative efforts into other industries. Details remain undisclosed, but further steps in this partnership could include solutions for game developers.

History of relationship between Epic and Autodesk

  • Founded in 1982, Autodesk has become one of the leading software companies in the fields of architecture, construction, engineering and entertainment. It has products like AutoCAD and Revit, as well as 3ds Max and Maya 3D animation software.
  • The companies first teamed up in 2008 when Autodesk joined Epic’s Integrated Partner Program. This led to the integration of Autodesk 3D software with Unreal Engine.
  • Last year, the companies enabled creators to stream data from Maya to Unreal in real time by offering an Unreal Live Link plugin for Maya.

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Jenny T. Curlee