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Dreamscape and Zoe team up to simplify VR content creation

Virtual reality company Immersive dream landscape teamed up with VR / AR software vendor Zoe Immersive to facilitate the creation of 3D content for the Dreamscape VR platform.

Zoe offers a code-free 3D world creation toolset that allows users to create and share interactive and immersive experiences regardless of skill level. Dreamscape will use Zoe technology to help users create collaborative virtual reality experiences such as virtual classrooms, immersive training exercises, and remote conferencing.

In particular, integration will benefit Dream landscape Learn, a joint venture between Dreamscape and Arizona State University announced in 2020 that aims to transform education through immersive learning experiences. The technology will allow teachers to create their own virtual classrooms, import 3D models via a drag-and-drop interface, program interactivity in the learning environment and more.

Zoe drag and drop interface

Zoe’s drag-and-drop interface

“We see the future of education, work and play as virtual activities, where shared social spaces serve as the backbone for learning, exploration and problem solving. Our vision is essential. to make these spaces accessible and adaptable to all, ”said Walter Parkes. , co-founder and CEO of Dreamscape, in a statement. “The Zoe Immersive Toolkit is a great democratizer of this process. By simplifying the creation of VR and putting these powerful tools in the hands of many, our companies hope to further expand the availability of VR experiences. unique immersives that can be built on the Dreamscape platform. ”

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