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Content creation underpins the IMG ARENA universe and forms the basis of products in our Sports Betting, Sports Media and Sports Performance verticals.

FastPath Data

Based on our revolutionary golf data collection methodology, our configurable scoring apps are designed to collect the fastest, most accurate and reliable data.

Make sure fans don’t miss a moment with industry-leading software that captures a rich set of data points.

Fastpath data collection, cctv camera and film crew recording sport match

player and ball

IMG ARENA’s player and ball tracking systems are the newest, lightest and least intrusive on the market. Delivering the highest level of accuracy on all pitch sizes, our systems deliver advanced data and analytics for players, coaches and fans, combining real-time data with visualizations.

The system covers:

  • Player speed and movement patterns
  • Ball flight and speed
  • Busiest yard areas
  • Heat map analysis
Tracking players and balls in a tennis game

Electronic line call

Our ITF-certified system takes the guesswork out of line calls by using the most sophisticated millimeter-accurate ball tracking cameras. This allows rights holders to analyze and examine in great detail. Additionally, smart replay technology can provide instant video replays to help officials make tough decisions on foot faults or line calls.

Example of augmented reality

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